10 Reasons why vaping e-liquid is better than smoking tobacco.

10. Online sales

You can order all of your smoking paraphernalia online strait to your door.

9. Stealth

You can smoke your vaporizing stealthily in work or public places. (beware of CCTV)

8. No more standing outside

No need to stand outside at family gatherings puffing on a cigarette.

7. Smoking in public?

Smoking on trains planes and buses is made more possible but probably not legal, (no laws have yet been passed specifically for vaping).

6. Lasts longer

e-liquid lasts up to 5x  longer than a packet of smokes.

5. Almost unlimited puffing

Lithium-ion batteries last for days before they need recharging.

4. No flame

No need for a lighter or matches.

3. Improved health

Your lungs and skin start to feel better and healthier, after stopping smoking tobacco for some time.

2. Cheap Cheap Cheap

E-smoking is cheaper by far! with cheap online products you can stock up for at least 3 months for less than £100. Smoking tobacco for the same period on 20 cigarettes a day would be over £550 at roughly £6 a day.

1. No bad smell!

Your mum and girlfriends stop moaning about the smell. Your clothes stay fresh and don’t stink of smoke, No more yellow fingers, or smelly hair and no more tar on your lips.


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