5 reasons why vaping alcohol is dumb

5. Alcoholism

Vaping alcohol can be done quickly and discretely, people that have an alcohol addiction could use this to aid their habit. Plus the fact that it is quite easy to give yourself alcohol poisoning as vaping alcohol bypasses the bodies natural filtration system i.e. the stomach and liver which can result in poisoning, if too much alcohol is vaped. If too much is vaped the bodies natural defence to alcohol poisoning “puking up” does not occur as the alcohol is not enter the stomach.

4. Not the same sensation

When alcohol is vaped you get very little of the depth of flavour and nowhere near the same sensations on the lips or mouth; I would much prefer to sip a nice malt whiskey.

3. Driving

People could use the alcohol vaporizer whilst driving a vehicle and any onlookers would assume they were smoking an e-shisha or e-cigarette vaporizer.

2. No nostalgia

The nostalgia attached to drinking alcohol is deep-rooted in many cultures, from the solitary drowning of one’s sorrows to the collective wetting of a baby’s head. Can you imagine a toast with vaped champagne?

1. Weakened effect

In many vaporizing forums people who have tried vaporized alcohol (myself included), have noticed that it did not have the same effect as drinking alcohol. You got a little drunk but not the same as a shot of vodka, with none of the glass chinking and spilled liquid associated with a good drinking session.

If vaping alcohol still seems like a good idea and you want to give it a try check out these easy to follow home made alcohol vaporizers, D.I.Y. alcohol vaporizer or the easiest method the beer can vaporizer. These are two quick and easy methods that allow you to vape alcohol using common household equipment. Pay attention to the warnings given in this post as vaping alcohol can be quite dangerous if to much is consumed as well as the risk of fire and or burns.

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