Vaporizing Times is an informative guide into the world of vaping covering a range of vaped products including nicotine, cannabis and alcohol. These substances are discussed, explained and reviewed.

Which way forthcoming EU and American regulations will force the industry. Explanation of why and how vaporizing products might be required to change following the new legislation.

Vaping planned obsolescence

Overview of the planned obsolescence business model adopted by emerging vaporizing brands. Non-recyclable e-smoking paraphernalia; environmental, social and financial impact of this new industry. As well as looking at the environmental impact of E-smoking. Potentially the e-smoking industry will will create thousands of tons of waste. The waste will include plastics and non re-recyclable metals. There will also be a huge amount of lithium from the spent batteries. Lithium is toxic and very bad for nature.

History of tobacco and nicotine

A look at the history of tobacco and nicotine extraction. Discussing the health effects and toxicity of vaporized products. Research into safety and other possible medicinal uses for vaporizers. Medicines can potentially be vaporized and inhaled. This opens up new areas of research including nano science and cancer treatment.

Cheap vaping

Vaporizing Times will also show a cheaper way to vape, how o make your own e-liquid and vaporizers. How to make your own mods and add-on’s. As well a showing you how to make alcohol vaporizers and marijuana vaporizers. We will at all times try and save you money and open source as much information as possible. In a hope that you will pass on this information, so that we can take on the big companies!

Vaping regulations

Vaporizing Times will reveal the corporations that have their tentacles wrapped around this lucrative form of drug dependency and touch upon how this might steer planned regulations in 2016. It is a sure thing that where ever an industry generates large sums of money the big multi-nationals will follow. This will potentially inflate e-liquid prices and drive out small producers. Especially if new regulations  and laws are passed to control production.

Vaping overview

Vaporizing Times aims to keep its readers ahead of the game regarding what’s happening in the vaping world. Products will be reviewed and honest advice will be given regarding the products safety and appearance.



One comment

  • The fact is thatn- nicotine levels enters your system alot slower (less amount) when it’s inhaled with vapour than it is when burned (smoked) I read few papers on this when i was starting to vape and was still worrying if vapeing was any better than smoking.

    In fact I feel alot of different in my addictive behavior with nicotine since i started vaping,
    when i smoked I went outside and light up before i really opened my eyes properly in the morning. after vaping for 18months I don’t take the first puff untill im driving to work… it’s about 40-60 mins later then when smoking.
    I also had to have that good after dinner cigarette…. I do not with vape…. So I think you’re worrying for no reason, and whats worse, you might be spreading those worries 🙂


    just my tought 🙂


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