Alcohol e-cig

alcohol e-cig

Alcohol e-cig?

The alcohol e-cig is a possibility, allowing the user to vape alcohol instead of e-juice. The smoking cartridge or cartomiser that usually contains smoking juice, would contain high proof alcohol such as vodka or even stronger – maybe absinthe. The vaporizer may need to be adapted slightly, although it still may be possible using traditional electronic smoking equipment. It depends if the battery heats the alcohol to at least 173.1°F (78.37°C) where the magic vaporization happens. If the alcohol reaches this temperature then vapor is produced which you can inhale. You can check out the output of your battery here to see if it will work.

Putting alcohol in an e-cig

If you put alcohol in an e-cig to make an alcohol e-cig it is likely to damage the e-cigarette, maybe beyond repair and would for sure render any guarantee the device has useless. If you do decide to try it then it best to drip the alcohol in via a syringe or pipette, this lessens the chances of accidents. Remember alcohol is flammable and if you heat it the alcohol becomes more volatile and more likely to ignite!

Although it is unlikely that an alcohol e-cig will be able to ignite the alcohol alone.

Can you vape alcohol

Can you vape alcohol? The simple answer is yes you can vape alcohol. There are several methods of vaping alcohol, the pressure method and the heating method. Both ways allow you to vape the alcohol contained with in most high strength spirits. There are dangers to vaping alcohol and overdosing is a concern. Your body has no way to eject vaped alcohol, so take care if you decide to use either method as there has been reported fatalities due to vaping shots.

Alcohol in e-juice?

Along with propylene glycol and nicotine, alcohol is often added to e-liquid as a thinning agent. Theoretically adding high proof alcohol to a vaping device to make an alcohol e-cig shouldn’t harm you or the equipment. The amount of alcohol used to thin e-liquid is very small, nowhere near enough to get you drunk. This doesn’t mean that if you add neat vodka to a e-cig that it will work! It depends on the make and model of the device and I guess luck and maybe a little judgment.

Can you vape vodka?

Yes you can vape vodka, vodka is a high strength alcohol and is easily vaporized. You can vaporize vodka by using the pressure or heat method of vaping. Either way will give you the desired effect of vaping vodka. The same safety precautions should be taken though when vaping vodka, it is the same as drinking vodka, if you drink too much too quickly then it could be fatal. The only thing is when you vape vodka the alcohol has no way to leave your body quickly and vaping too much vodka can do permanent damage or even be fatal.

Can you put alcohol in a vape?

Can you put alcohol in a vape, yes you can. Does putting alcohol in a vape work though? Well I have tried and had mixed results from experimenting with putting alcohol in my vape. Sometimes it seemed to have worked, well I thought I could taste the alcohol through the vape juice but I could not be sure that I actually vaped alcohol and didn’t get drunk.

I recommend using a neutral vape juice with no flavour or nicotine if you are going to try and mix alcohol with vape juice, this way there are less factors that will effect the end vaping experience.

Can you put alcohol strait into your vape? I tried this also and several times my vape stopped working, so I guess I broke it. I only tried with a small disposable lithium battery and did not have much success, if you were to try with a bigger more powerful battery you may get different results. Vodka or other alcohol seems to be harder to heat up and vaporize compared to e liquid. I think it needs a more sustained heat source and a battery just doesn’t seem to be up to it.

E juice that gets you drunk

As far as my knowledge goes there is no e juice that gets you drunk. E juice however sometimes contains small amounts of alcohol and this is used as a thinning agent. There will certainly not be enough in the e liquid to get you drunk. You would have to vape about 30 bottles of 10 ml juice to get about half a shots worth of alcohol and by the time you had vaped 30 bottles the first bit would have worn off. Just don’t try it. There is absolutely no point, try putting a little alcohol in your vape and see what happens. You stand more chance of getting drunk that way or at least something happening. (Act on advice at your own will, I hold no responsibility for your actions and advice was meant in jest)

Alcohol vape pen

Alcohol vape pen? The trouble is with most “vape pens” they take cartridges and getting any alcohol into an open cartridge is difficult. You would have to use a syringe to inject the cartridge or something to get only a small amount in. This would probably have no effect, so there is no point in trying alcohol vape pen. There is sometimes a small amount of alcohol in vape pen juice but it is just used as a thinner to make the juice more viscous. However I have heard that the small amount of alcohol in vape juice has been enough to trigger a relapse in recovering alcoholics. It is said that the smallest amount of alcohol consumption by a recovering alcoholic is enough for them to revert back to their addiction. So please be wary of this and always check the ingredients of the vape juice as a precaution to consuming alcohol.

Dangers of alcohol e-cigs

Of course there are dangers involved if you put alcohol in an e-cig to make an alcohol e-cig! The device could ignite causing a fire or burns. Alcohol is very flammable especially in a vaporized form, a small spark could ignite the vapor resulting in a fire. The danger of alcohol poisoning is a major concern. Poisoning can easily occur when vaping alcohol. The body can’t reject the alcohol, i.e. if you vape too much you can’t regurgitate the excess alcohol. This can cause serious harm and can even be fatal. So take care and any advice given in this article is acted upon with your own discretion. Vaporizing times advises you not to vape alcohol in any form.



  • i find this to be utter speculation.
    instead of statements how about proof or sighting incidents.

    i actually use 25% alcohol and have used up to 50% in my vape blends.

    unless you vape around at least 15 ml in less than an hour i would speculate based on the bioavailability of alcohol that you couldn’t possibly get enough to even noticeably raise your blood alcohol levels. giving the notion that it will be around two times as bioavailable, that would put you up to around 2 shots of standard 80 proof? which would have an effect, however it is much harder to inhale in my opinion and i think almost any one who vapes would struggle to use 15ml in a day!

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  • Consumers should understand that “majiuana vapes” are sold individually though available at marijuana shops, are made for one time use and disposable, just like juul.

    Attempting to vape drugs or alcohol from a vape accessory will not only ruin your vape it will burn your nose, throat, and esophagus for the whole day and make you vomit repeatedly.

    If you want to vape wax, you can use an oil rig (upward $45 at glass shops)

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