VIP e-cigs and VIP vaporizers

VIP e-cigs

VIP e-cigs and vaporizers were one of the leading brands in the UK. VIP offered a wide range of products to suit the needs vapers. On VIP’s website they claimed to offer the highest standard of products. But is this true? And were they over priced? And was this part to play in their downfall as the the company went bust in 2016.

“VIP are committed to bringing you the finest electronic cigarettes, vaping devices and e-liquids. Our products are designed in the UK to the highest possible specifications and we believe they are pushing the boundaries of aesthetic and technical standards.”

This is a quote from the VIP e-cigs website. you can see that they claim VIP products are designed to the highest possible standards.

Hot VIP e-cigs and vaporizers

VIP claim to make all of their products to the highest standards. So why do they get hot? Both VIP’s e-cigs and vaporizers get hot and over heat when they are used too much. Over use occurs when the e-cig or vaporizers is puffed on for too long or too frequently. The battery should cut out if this occurs.

“The customer experience is all important to us and that is why all our products undergo a stringent testing procedure. Only when we are 100% happy with the quality and safety of our products will you find them on our website and in our retail outlets”.  (Source)

When the VIP products get hot a number of things can happen. They can burn your lips or mouth and cause minor injury. Or they can overheat and the battery will cut out and stop you from vaping. The excess heat can cause the e-liquid to bubble and squirt out of the end of the device. If hot liquid comes out of the device it can also cause injury.

VIP e-cigs

VIP e-cigs smoking

Taking a look at VIP e-cigs website I could not find any information stating why these problems happen. No information to say what you can do to stop them happening and very little safety information. It may be my navigation of their site but I typed “safety information” into search. The search brought nothing up. This really isn’t helpful VIP these problems need addressing.

VIP e-cigs re-fills and e-liquid

VIP e-cigs offer a wide range of re-fills and e-liquids. There is a lot of flavors to choose from and the standard variations in strength. Ranging from zero nicotine to 24mg. The prices vary but are still pretty expensive. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid is around 3.95. This is cheaper than other brands like V2 but still way more expensive than making your own juice. It is possible to make a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid for less than a few pence or cents.

VIP e-cigs refills

VIP refill cartridges

VIP e-cigs cartridge are expensive, a pack of 10 re-fills costs around 17 pounds or 20 dollars. If you keep on buying new cartridges than the cost will soon mount up. Especially if you use your e-cig a lot like me. Do not worry though you can refill the cartridges quite easily. Firstly buy a bottle of e-liquid, then dismantle the cartridge. Then drip a bit a bit of juice in and re-assemble the cartridge. They should be good for at least 100 more puffs.There is no need to keep buying new packs if you do this. You only need to buy new packs when the burner inside the cartridge packs up! The burners inside the VIP cartridge should be good for at least a few weeks.


New v2 e cig and v2 vapes

v2 e cigs and vaporizers

The v2 e cig and v2 vapes are a Global Business, v2 Cigs, vapour2 and vertx are part of the VMR Products LLC. (note they are a limited liability company, LLC) They have been trading for some time now and ranked as one of the top vaping companies. With huge financial backing sure v2 e cigs will become a household name just like Marlborough and Camel.

VMR/V2 went into partnership with the National tobacco company back in 2013. Following the trend of giant tobacco companies embracing this new form of smoking. They have had us hooked to nicotine for years now and it is unlikely things will change with vaping.

The good thing is v2 have a massive range of products, ranging from v2 e cigars to the Vertx, which was apparently voted the best new e-cigarette for 2016. Not sure who voted but to quote Donald Trump, ” I am sure it is rigged”. Also v2 e cig and a range a v2 vapes.

Vertx, v2 refill cartridges

The Vertx Boasts a range of new features most of them just gimmicks. One that interests me is the new drop in cartridges. Once the cartridge is dropped in you simply screw it back together and are ready to vape. Seems good right? The only trouble is you can not refill these cartridges! once they are popped and smoked they are landfill. It maybe be possible to refill them but I have tried and not succeeded.

V2 Vertx vape

(Vertx vaporizers)

This is a problem on many levels, firstly V2 prices are ridiculously expensive, a pack of 6 standard refills cost around 20. You can refill these cartridges yourself but of course V2 do not want you to do this. So if you refill your own cartridges it will only cost you fraction of what they charge for a new pack. The Vertx drop in refills stop you refilling yourself. This will force you into paying the extortionate prices set by V2. Plus all the other products on their web sites are way over priced the batteries you can get cheaper else where, in fact looking at the V2 and VMR websites every single item is way over priced! You would be better off looking else where and getting a better deal.

The v2 e cig

The v2 e cig offers very little in difference from any other ecig on the market. The v2  e cig small and compact and similar in size to a normal tobacco cigarette. The v2 cig is averagely priced but is in the more expensive end of the vapes out there. The v2 refills don’t last that long if you puff on the frequently. The v2 refills are quite expensive especially if you are buying 3 or 4 new packs of v2 refills a week.

V2 conclusion

The trouble with big companies buying into vaping is they here for one thing and that’s money! Vaping started up as a D.I.Y  hobby, people making their own tanks and e-liquid. It is possible to make a bottle of 10ml e-liquid for about cents or pence. With the buying power of the big tobacco companies I am sure that they can make it even cheaper. So why are they charging so much? and should prices be regulated? Also should you be able to make your own liquid? The chances are the big companies involved will get new laws will passed to ensure their profits. Laws prohibiting the sale of raw e-liquid ingredients.


Flavour vapour Bristol

Flavour vapour shop front

Flavour vapour is a vaping shop that has opened up several outlets in the Bristol area, Flavour Vapour Gloucester Rd, East St, Bedminster, St. James Arcade, Broadmead and one at Westgate street in Bath.

The shop has recently started to franchise Flavour Vapors around the UK. Right the way from Plymouth to Dundee. Flavour vapour is fairly new in the world of vaping. They have been trading just a few years now.

Flavour vapour shops are weird, in that when you see inside people are smoking or what appears to be smoking. Smoking inside has been “tabooed” by the media now for many years. So what the hell is going on and is it safe?

flavour vapour shop

Thick vaping aerosol

Most people know what they are doing inside is vaping. Vaping is deemed to be a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. When you vape e-liquid non of the nasty carcinogens are released, no combustion takes place. This still doesn’t detract from it being a little weird, maybe because it’s a new thing. Maybe we are just not used to seeing it, maybe we should just get used to it? Do we have a choice?

Despite flavour Vapour looking weird from the outside, when you enter the shop through the thick mist of aerosol you will find quite a pleasant set up. They have a smart counter with lots of products on display. The products in Flavour Vapour are limited though, They have everything you need to vape. But that only consists of a batteries, atomizers and e-liquid. Not really much to fill a shop if you ask me.

Flavour vapour has lots of variety in vaping kit but this doesn’t amount to a lot. A few batteries, different tanks, a few mods and add-ons that’s all. It seems like they are trying to make it cool, making modifications to how and what you vape. The “mods” reaching out to individualize what in reality is a drug addiction. Nicotine is very addictive and a drug. Should it be made cool? Our children will see us vaping and then copy us right?  Besides you can easily buy what ever is available in the shop online at a much cheaper price.

Flavour vapour prices

Flavour vapour prices are quite high! you will be paying well over the top for e-liquid, batteries and all other accessories. Lots of people don’t know that you can make your own e-liquid for a fraction of the cost charged in flavour vapour. A bottle of 10ml e-liquid costs less than 30p to make. They charge up to 6 or 7 pounds for some e-liquid. This is a huge mark up. E-liquid consumers are not aware of how much profit retailers are making. If they are aware then hopefully we can bring the price down.


Electronic marijuana vaporizer

marijuana vaporizer

The electronic marijuana vaporizer has taken getting stoned to new highs! It is better for you, you get more out of the weed and there is no combustion! It is the combustion or burning factor that is a danger to cannabis smokers. When weed or tobacco is burned it produces several known carcinogens. This is bad and can cause cancer! The traditional ways of smoking weed (joint, bong, chillum etc) are outdated although they are still preferred by most potheads! But they are bad for you! Ahh but what is bad for you these days right?


maijuana vaporizer joint smoke

burning a joint

The electronic marijuana vaporizer is more expensive than buying papers or a bong but the health benefits out weight the cost for sure. Plus vaping is new people have been smoking weed for years lets change things up a bit and bring weed into the future.

Can we be sure electronic marijuana vaporizers are better?

That is a tough question as research has lead people to believe, vaping either cannabis or e-liquid is a “healthier” option compared to its combusting counterpart. No burning means none of the crappy carbons or toxic stuff is released and absorbed through the lungs or skin. So if you vape it it’s healthy right?

marijuana vaporizer battery, atomizer, vaporizing hash, DIY vaporizer

vaporizing kit

Well i’m not sure as there is plenty of evidence that suggests smoking weed is bad for you what ever way you do it! Mental illness links mainly. Cannabis is a kind of sedative it does effectively the same thing as many pharmaceutically made drugs like Vallium.

Cannabis is natural though so why make stuff that exists in nature? Ah it is a massive argument and way to in depth to get into but we can not be 100% sure that vaping is better for you. As we can’t be sure that the drugs doctors give us are safe. A lot of prescribed meds are known to have serious side effects. So it’s best to make your own mind up instead of listening to what people have to say I reckon.

Electronic marijuana vaporizer safety issues

Safety concerns with electronic cannabis vaporizers range from self com-busting vaporizers. Right through to battery ions bonding to the T.H.C. particles, resulting in weird lung and skin mutations. The period of time this has been studied for is very short. This means there is no long-term accurate data.

Electronic marijuana vaporizer have been know to self combust.  There was an incident in Texas where a young man was driving down the freeway with a vape in his pocket. He had some other stuff in his pocket which activated the heat switch. The dude set fire to his trousers and car seat. By the time he was able to stop and pull over he had 3rd degree burns to his legs. He spent three weeks in hospital recovering but they couldn’t stop his johnson falling off. In regards battery ions bonding with the T.H.C. and causing mutations. There is no substantial evidence to back this up and only a few cases have been investigated.



E-lites getting hot?

Packet of E-lites

E-lites one of the UK’s most recognizable e-cig brands. E-lites are adopting a slightly different marketing strategy compared to other brands, they are trying gain a strong foot hold in the e-smoking industry. Elites have gone big on sponsorship and have linked themselves with a number of partners. Below are some the partners linked with E-lites.


With over 30 million visitors to date, the O2 has become the world’s most popular entertainment venue. Staging the world’s greatest performing artists and world class sporting events. You are able to enjoy a range of our products across all concourse levels, bars and suites.


One of the world’s most iconic and successful global teams, with almost 100 Scottish titles and one of a select group of UK teams to have won the much coveted European Cup. The 60,000+ seater Celtic Park is a true cathedral of football, where supporters can enjoy E-Lites as an alternative to smoking whilst watching the match.


Worcester are a top-flight rugby union club with over 140 years of history, and have played at the Sixways Stadium since 1975. In 2013, the ground’s South Stand was re-named The E-Lites Stand as part of our proud involvement with our local and historic rugby team.


E-Lites are proud to be an official partner of the British Superbikes and to support such an exciting race series which sees riders from all ages compete in one of the fastest and toughest motorbike racing classes in Europe.” Source

With E-lites marketing strategy heavily leaning towards that of sponsorship and endorsement, is there any risk of this blowing up their faces? Well the answer would have to be yes. If electronic smoking goes the same way as that of tobacco sponsorship then new regulations could see a ban on any advertising linked to e-smoking. This would surely dent E-lites as a whole and possibly see the company go into administration.

E-lites recycling program

E-lites are one of the few brands that are addressing the issue of recycling the spent cartridges with a reward program that encourages E-lites users to recycle their old batteries and other paraphernalia. For this they must be applauded, as outlined in one of my earlier posts there is going to a be a huge amount of waste from this industry and this waste will have a social and environmental impact. If you imagine all the current tobacco cigarette butts you see on the floor today turning into metal and plastic counter parts, then you will be able to envisage a huge potential problem caused by e-cigs. So a reward program that encourages recycling is a great idea. (Note below is a quoted from E-lites website spelling mistakes are not mine, although i am not perfect either)

“Here at E-Lites we care about the environment and rewarding our customers. Therefore, we have developed a rewards scheme where you can recycle your old E-Tips in return for new ones.

We send all the returned E-Tips into an official recycling programme because we like doing our bit for the planet and we hope that you enjoy your E-Tips!” Source

How the E-lites recycling program works

“Our recycling and rewards scheme works on a points system:

1x E-Tips = 1 Point

1x G9 Battery = 2 Points

Return 20 Points = 2 E-Tips worth £7.99

Return 25 Points = 1 G9 Battery (Red or Green)

Claims may only be made following these guidelines (we cannot exchange 10 E-Tips for 1 E-Tip).


There is no maximum amount of how many points you can send in at a time, however when sending in more than 20 E-Tips we ask you pre-bag these into multiples of 20/25 so we can process the claim as quickly as possible.” Source

E-lites products

E-lites product range is very limited! the company only sells the e-cig style vaporizer. There are only a handful of starter kits and very few accessories. It ranges the disposable e-cig and the changeable cartridge model. The tips only come in 3 x different varieties, which are regular strength, light strength and menthol flavor. Only two strength variations are given light and regular, which in my opinion is rubbish and gives very little choice to the vaper. Is there a reason for this light weight company approach though? Product costs etc?

There are the standard E-lights USB and mains adapters which you use to charge the lithium ion battery. Nothing special here at all!

Problems with E-lites getting hot

E-lites if overused can get too hot and over heat. This should activate the cut off switch which will stop the cigarette from producing vapor until it has cooled down to a usable temperature. How ever constant puffing which is common when people are using an E-lite to quit smoking can cause problems. Often hot vapor can pass through the tip and cause a sharp pain in the mouth and lips. It can be quite painful and very annoying.

E-lites liquid in mouth

In some instances you can get E-lites liquid in your mouth. This can be caused by vaping too frequently and or a faulty tip. The liquid tastes sweet but make sure you do not swallow it! rinse your mouth out with water and wipe off any excess liquid. The liquid contained in the tips is toxic if swallowed or in contact with the skin!

Faulty E-lites tips

In my time using E-lites I have encountered a few problems, one time the tip became blocked and a could not inhale any vapor. I tried to suck harder (as you do craving the nicotine) and as I sucked hard a load of un-vaporized liquid shot through the tip and into my mouth. It was disgusting and panicked me greatly, as I was aware the liquid was toxic if swallowed. It made me feel light headed and slightly sick but I was ok.

Quite often though I would be puffing on an E-lite and some e-liquid residue would get into my mouth. You can taste the sweet taste from the sugar compounds on your lips and tongue. Although I had no immediate side effects I am greatly concerned to see if there will be any long term exposure side effects.

E-lites battery

The e-lites battery is a standard lithium ion battery and lithium ion batteries have an optimum operating range in regards to temperature. If the outside temperature is any where close to freezing then the battery will not work as well and the power in the battery will be reduced dramatically. On the other hand if the battery gets too hot there is a chance that it could explode! Safe operating temperatures are nothing over 45 Celsius. If the battery explodes it could cause harm obviously.


Blu cigs are they safe?

blu electronic smoking

The Blu e cig

Blu cigs are truly set to be one of the leading names in electronic smoking. The global e-smoking industry is growing rapidly with ever more smokers making the switch from tobacco products to Blu cig products. The corporate dominance of this new industry seems to be on the rise. The third-largest U.S. tobacco company, Lorillard Inc, last year acquired Blu electronic cigarettes, which make up about one-third of the electronic cigarettes sold at U.S. convenience stores. Blu electronic cigarette is a major player in the European market as well. Blu e cigs are seen and readily available to buy in most tobacco outlets.

Now with Blu practically owned by Lorillard Inc, there is sure to be a mass cash injection which will be spent on product development and advertising. Making Blu e-cigs a major player in the industry and a future household name for sure.

Are blu e cigs safe?

Blu have a wide range of products: electronic cigarettes both re-usable and disposable, portable pack chargers and USB/mains adapters, as well as a few different vaporizers. But are blu e cigs safe?

The Blu e cig cartridges are expensive and a large profit is made on each one sold. The bottles of e-liquid are also very expensive with a 10 ml bottle setting you back around 4.99 GBP and around $7US. This is completely unfair as it is possible to make your own e-liquid for as little as 20 cents per 10 ml bottle. The raw ingredients are freely available to buy online. The more people that find out how to make their own liquid and start producing it for themselves the better! This will force these extortionate corporate prices down and will potentially spread out the wealth from this industry. Instead of it going into greedy corporate pockets.

Blu has a good range of products, with variable amounts of nicotine in them and a range of vaping devices, blu e liquids and accessories. Although the prices are way too high! Especially on blu e liquid. The buying power of Lorillard Inc allows them to purchase huge quantities of the raw ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, nicotine and flavorings, this is all that is required to make blu e liquid.

When these ingredients are bought in bulk they cost practically nothing, a bottle of juice for a big manufacturer will cost literally just a few cents to make. So stop paying over inflated prices! make your own and sell it to your friends. You can start your own business and make your own money.

Blucig and headaches

The Blucig and Blu vaporizers are actually really good, using them I have managed to almost quit tobacco completely, however vaping with Blu has not been plain sailing. I have experienced a number of problems with Blu devices and had some worrying medical side effects as well. When using Blu products I noticed that sometimes I would get quite a severe headache. The headaches were strong enough for me to question using Blucigs, but I continued anyway. A number of friends had also told me that they would sometimes get headaches when vaping as well, so I was not alone experiencing this symptom.

I have been vaping now for over 5 years, I have quite a lot of knowledge on the subject but these headaches were really bugging me, I mean I much prefer vaping to smoking tobacco for many reasons but these vaping headaches were starting to put me off. So I began to look at my actions what could be causing the Blucig headaches?

I realized that I had the Blucig puffing in my mouth a lot! like every 30 seconds I would vape and figured this probably has something to do with it, was my brain not getting enough oxygen? Or something like that, well I am not a doctor so I can’t be sure. I changed a few things, tried to vape less having much longer periods between puffs. This seemed to work a bit but I would still get headaches just less frequently.

Then I started looking at the strength of my Blu vape juice, I was vaping some of the highest strength juice. I was a serious smoker between 30-40 hand rolled cigs a day, I figured I would need the highest strength I could get but is this what was causing the headaches I wondered?

I started vaping a much lower strength vape juice, about 6mg and after a period of time I noticed that the headaches were no more. So if you are experiencing headaches with Blucigs then try vaping a bit less and vape a lower strength juice. It worked for me and the friends that I told about my findings, so it should work for you if you get headaches whilst vaping.

Headaches whilst vaping can put people off especially with vaping being fairly new, there has not been much long-term research carried out into vaping so it easy to see why people would be concerned about headaches when vaping, I had a long period of headaches but I changed the way I vaped and the headaches went. There is no reason why this advice would not work for you as well.

Problems with Blu vaporizer

All vaping devices use heat to vaporize e-liquid. This heat produces an aerosol or vapor, which you inhale. Problems linked to the battery and hotplate getting too hot are caused by several means. This is dangerous and can possibly lead to the battery exploding causing harm.

The lithium ion batteries contained in e-cigs and vaporizers has an optimum operating range. If the battery is to cold performance is effected resulting in a shorter battery lifespan and less vaping!

If the battery gets too hot and reaches temperatures above 45-50 degrees Celsius, 113-122 Fahrenheit. A volatile reaction can occur causing a small explosion and potential injury.

The other way that Blu batteries can over heat is from overuse. This is common when people are trying to quit smoking tobacco using a Blu e-cig or vaporizer. Quitting tobacco is hard and replacing this habit with a vaping device is difficult.

When I stopped smoking tobacco and moved onto vaping with Blu. I found that I could hardly put the new device down. I was frequently puffing until the battery over heated stopping me from vaping. In fact it was almost the battery over heating was the only thing that made me put the device down.

Hot blu cigs and vaporizers

My constant puffing caused the battery to get very hot. There is an in-built safety device if the battery starts to get too hot. This did not stop me from at times burning my lips with hot vapor! The burns were not bad but definitely unpleasant. The left sore patches for over a week and caused pain every time I vaped.

Burnt lips with Blu E-cigs

Another problem I encountered when using Blu E-cigs is (other than the battery overheating) is burnt lips. First lets start with the e-cig. The e-cig is a smaller more compact version of the vaporizer and there fore has a smaller battery. This battery is useless in cold temperatures! Anywhere near freezing temperature and forget about using the e-cig! You will be lucky to get 15 minutes vaping out of the battery even if it is fully charged.

Another problem with the e-cig comes from the refill cartridges. Although it did not happen very often (maybe 3 or 4 times) sometimes the chamber would get blocked. I was unable to suck any vapor through. So I sucked harder until eventually I sucked a load of un-vaporized e-liquid through the chamber and into my mouth. This was extremely unpleasant and very worrying as all the safety information states that e-liquid is toxic! If swallowed or highly toxic if in contact with the skin!

Are blu e cigs bad for you?

Another problem with using Blu E-cigs comes from over use of the device. There are instructions that state how much you should use Blu products. But it’s very hard to stop puffing the e-cig. Especially when quitting tobacco using a vaping device. This over use can lead to blisters on lips that sometimes would not heal for weeks. The blisters can be very sore and cause a lot of discomfort.

Although frequency of use is outlined I could not find any symptoms that over use could cause in the safety guide. Here are some that I found whilst using blucigs. If you over use Blucigs prepare to get blistered lips, ulcers in the mouth and incredibly bad breath. These are all things that I have experienced and feel that all potential Blu customers should be made aware of. More safety warnings on Blu e-cigs are required and measures should be taken to stop this from happening. If anyone else has experienced similar problems please comment.



Njoy cigarettes/vaporizers getting hot

Njoy vaping

Njoy electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are proving to be one of the most popular in the newly emerging e-smoking industry.With heavy investment from many corporate backers, including some with ties to the tobacco industry Njoy will surely be a household name to contend with.

Njoy smoking products

The brand Njoy has a limited range of e-smoking products, with the e-cigarette being the main focal point. Njoy gives users the choice of a rechargeable device or a disposable device. This makes Njoy one of the more expensive brands to choose from.

Njoy recharge starter kits

Starter packs range from $29.99 for their recharge economy kit and up to $124.99 for the super recharge kit. It is interesting to note that Uk prices for the super recharge kit are 124.99 GBP for the same products. This works out at about $197, this alone may cause some of you to reconsider the brand you chose to start vaping with.

Njoy vaporizers

Njoy also offers pretty bog standard vaporizers and a modest range of e-liquid flavors. Some of the products are not available to buy yet and are coming out soon.

“Coming soon the world of Vaping! With amazing new flavours and kits for every budget, NJOY will soon bring our heritage of superb engineering and passion for independence to vaping.” Source

This a quote fom the Njoy website stating that they are bringing out amazing new flavors for any kind of budget. It is worth noting at this point that you make your own e-liquid for les than 20 cents a bottle. Check this post out on how to make your own e-liquid.

Njoy e-cigarette getting hot!

With any vaping device heat is used to vaporize e-liquid. This process produces an aerosol or vapor as it’s known, which you inhale. Problems like the battery and hotplate getting to hot are caused by several means. This can be dangerous and can possibly lead to the battery exploding.

The lithium ion batteries contained in Njoy e-cigs and vaporizers have an optimum operating range. If the battery is to cold performance is effected resulting in a shorter battery lifespan and less vaping!

If the battery gets too hot from exposure to direct sunlight or any other means and reaches temperatures above 45-50 degrees Celsius, 113-122 Fahrenheit, then a volatile reaction can occur causing a small explosion and potential injury.

The other way that Njoy batteries can over heat is from overuse. This is common when people are trying to quit smoking tobacco using an Njoy e-cig or vaporizer. Quitting tobacco is hard and replacing this habit with a vaping device is difficult. I myself stopped smoking tobacco and moved onto vaping with Njoy, I found that I could hardly put the new device down.

My constant puffing on the e-cig would cause the battery to get very hot. Although there is an in-built cut out device if the battery starts to get too hot it didn’t stop me from at times burning my lips with hot vapor! The burns were not bad but definitely unpleasant.

Problems with Njoy e-cigs

Other problems that have been encountered when using Njoy products other than the battery overheating and burnt lips are numerous. First lets start with the e-cig.The e-cig is a smaller more compact version of the vaporizer and there fore has a smaller battery. The battery is useless in cold temperatures! if you get any where near freezing forget about using the e-cig you will be lucky to get 15 minutes vaping out of the battery even if it is fully charged.

Njoy liquid in mouth

Another problem with the e-cig comes from the flavor chambers, although it did not happen regularly sometimes the chamber would get blocked and I was unable to suck any vapor through. So I tried to suck harder on the e-cig until eventually I sucked a load of un-vaporized e-liquid through the chamber and into my mouth. This was extremely worrying as all the safety information states that e-liquid is toxic!

Njoy burnt lips

Another problem with using Njoy products comes from over use of the device. Although there are instructions that state how much you should use the product, it’s very hard to control how frequently you puff on the e-cig. Especially when quitting tobacco using a vaping device. The over use lead to blisters on my lips that sometimes would not heal for weeks. The blisters were very sore and cause a lot of discomfort.

Bad breath from Njoy

Frequency of use is outlined but Njoy do not say anywhere what happens if you over use their E-cigs. So here are some from me to you after my experience with Njoy vaporizer and E-cigs.

If you over use Njoys e-cigs prepare to get blistered lips, ulcers in the mouth and incredibly bad breath. These are all things that I have experienced and feel that all potential Njoy customers should be made aware of. More safety warnings on Njoys products are required and measures should be taken to stop this from happening.

I think it is worth reading through Njoys mission statement below and looking at the points they make. In particular look at points 2 and 3. If this is the best they can do I feel they have not been trying very hard.

NJOY’s Mission:

“Our mission is to obsolete cigarettes.

NJOY is 100% committed to the design and delivery of the world’s best non-tobacco electronic smoking (or Vaping) experience available, and we exist to create a truly superior alternative to the pleasures and satisfaction derived from traditional combustible tobacco.

  •  are passionate about understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs.

  •  are intensely focused on, fascinated by and committed to the advancement of technology to make our products the absolute best available.

  • We are truly dedicated to the design and refinement of the experience of our products to help create the most satisfaction and pleasure for our customers.

  • We are respectful of our adult customers’ desire for a truly wonderful and exceptional sensory experience derived from our products.

  •  are dedicated to the eradication of tobacco related illness worldwide

  • We are 100% committed to setting the highest standards for corporate responsibility related to the prevention of use of our products by people under the legal age, transparency and disclosure related to the ingredients contained in and the processes involved in manufacturing of our products, and the advancement of scientific evidence related to the potential benefits associated with the use of our products as an alternative to traditional tobacco products.

  •  are not now and never will be part of a tobacco company” Source.

Other problems that have encountered are the occasional dud flavor chamber. Once I attached the new chamber to the battery and tried to puff nothing happened. I then tried another chamber and it worked fine. So make sure you keep an eye out for this! I am sure if I would have sent it back to them. Or contacted them about this they would have refunded me.


Cheap e-liquid make your own

cheap e-liquid

Cheap e-liquid is available to buy although the price for as little as 10 ml of juice fluctuates greatly. You can expect to pay as little as 2$ for 10 ml bottle of e-juice or as much as 10$ for the same quantity. The mark up value that the e-liquid manufacturers make on a bottle of juice is huge. With larger producers of e-liquid paying just a few cents per bottle.

Cheap e-liquid is just as safe as expensive juice as long as its been made correctly. There is no way to guarantee the quality or safety of e-juice bought online. This could lead to dangerous products being sold.

what to make cheap E-liquid

So the best way to get cheap e-liquid is to make your own. It is very simple and there are only three key ingredients plus the flavorings. The ingredients are Propylene glycol or vegetable glycol, Glycerin and Nicotine. They are easy to mix although you have to be careful as some are toxic. Nicotine is the main toxic ingredient and it only takes a small amount to kill you. So if you do decide to make your own juice be sure to work safe and keep the e-liquid ingredients locked up and out of the way of children.

Cheap e-juice

The best way to get cheap e-juice is to make your own! If more people start to make their own juice and distribute it to friends and family, this will force current big brands like Vype, V2, blue and VIP to lower there inflated prices.

It is important to know that big e-liquid manufacturers are making huge profits on e-juice. Including a 10 ml plastic bottle and all the ingredients that go into a bottle of e-liquid, it costs less than 10 cents for big producers to make and distribute a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid. With these prices in mind why are we paying up to 70 or 80 times the manufacture cost? It is crazy and the big manufacturers are relying on people addiction and naivety towards the cost of manufacture. So if you are an e-liquid smoker and are reading this please share the information with your friends and help to lower the cost of e-liquid. We are being ripped off you can make a years supply of e-liquid for less than $200.

E-liquid ingredients

All the ingredients are ready to buy online and there great sites like that offers mixing recipes and flavor advice. If we spread the knowledge of how to make and produce good safe e-juice then we can beat the multi-national corporations and keep cheap e-juice prices. If we dont share this information then the industry and the prices that we pay will be controlled by greedy people in suits. Making them richer and feeding on our addiction to nicotine. With 2016 regs just around the corner it is imperative that we share the knowledge on e-juice production. Before they make a medical licence compulsory in order to make e-juice. This move will surely play strait into the hands of the multi-national companies that are swooping in on this free market industry.

How to make cheap e-liquid

Making cheap e-liquid is the way forward. It will it save you money and it opens up the door for many small retailers to take a slice. Thousands of jobs could be created by this new industry. Or it could all be gobbled up by multi-national companies taking all the profit for themselves and making them richer. My vote for sure is to share it out and let everyone benefit from this healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

To make cheap e-juice all you have to do is the follow the instructions in this post. (how to make e-liquid). You will save lots of money making cheap e-liquid. It also offers you the chance to start providing cheap e-liquid for your friends and family. This essentially creating a business and income for you, as well as cheap e-juice.

I hope the information in this post is found to be some use. Any of the info provided is acted upon using your own discretion. Vaporizing times nor myself take any responsibility for the actions of others. If you decide to make your own juice then remember safety first! Research all the methods, ingredients and suppliers. Good luck and happy vaping.

Vype epen and estick safety concerns

Vype Esticks

Who owns Vype, vype e sticks and the brand?

Vype is manufactured by Nicoventures, a UK-based company that sits within the Nicoventures division of British American Tobacco. Vype cigs launched into the market backed by one of the biggest tobacco retailers in the world, a sign that slowly but surely people are moving away from solely acquiring nicotine from tobacco.

Vype esticks and other products

Vype vaping

Vype at present offer two main products: the vype e-pen and the vype e stick. Although they will be soon launching the vype e cig and vype vaporizer. Both products require disposable refills. This means that once you have vaped the contained e-liquid you throw away the empties. Although it may be possible to refill the empty cartridges with e-liquid but this is not recommended by Vype. Of course they want you to continue to buy the non-reusable cartridges. (At this point it is worth noting that you can make 30ml of homemade e-liquid for less than 50 cents). So the mark up on these products is huge with the average cost of 3 cartomisers being $5.99.

The Vype e pen comes with a standard USB charger and several e-pen caps. The pen has a variable vapor release system that lets you control the amount of vapor that is inhaled when vaping. The refill caps are disposable and you cant reuse them. This will inevitably lead to a huge amount of waste products that I can envisage rolling around the floors of night spots and sidewalks.

The Vype estick comes with an on-the-go pack charger, a micro USB charger, 3 eSticks and a rechargable battery. The portable charger is pretty handy and can last up to 5 days keeping your eStick fully charged and ready for vaping. The e stick cartridges last up to 600 puffs and then are disposed of. Although you can find out how to refill the cartridges here.

Vype estick and vype e cigarette advertising

Vype has recently been launched and is hitting the screens, billboards and paper media very hard. Regular T.V adverts seem to be trying to make this new for of nicotine addiction cool and are offering it as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Although vaping is a healthier option to smoking tobacco should there be any mainstream advertising allowed? Surely children will see the adverts and this will lead to a higher rate of underage smokers taking up the habit. Especially with the hundreds of sweet fruity flavors and inappropriately named products like “Berry Blast” and “Tutti Fruity” which surely appeal to a younger demographic.

With the spending power of British American tobacco behind this brand it is sure to become one of the leading vaping brands and a household name for sure. It is imperative that people are aware of the profit that this industry is making and realize that you can make your own e-juice or e-liquid for a fraction of the cost. You can buy all the ingredients and equipment required to make e-liquid online and make it for less than 5% of some retail prices.

Vype e cigarette safety and dangers

danger of e-liquid in mouth

warning e-liquid in the mouth

Like any vaping product there dangers and side effects from vaping too frequently. There are dangers if vype smoking liquid gets in your mouth or into your eyes. If you swallow too much of the liquid you die. Although you would have to drink a lot! getting a little liquid in your mouth is pretty harmless.Nicotine is highly toxic and a very small amount can kill though!

Vype headaches

When using Vype products I noticed that time to time I would get quite a severe headache. At times it put me off using the device, then I changed a few things in the way I vaped, I puffed less frequently and changed the strength of liquid I was using to a lower strength. These changes had an impact and the headaches went, so if you are experiencing similar headaches then I advise you to follow the changes that I made.

Vype e sticks and burns to the lips lips

Problems that I have noticed when using Vype products including both the vype estick and epen are similar to other products that I have used. They include blistering of the lips, head aches, nausea and very bad breath. Often smelling like chemical nicotine, friends and colleges find this repulsive. Often over use of vaping can lead to heart palpitations.

Vype e cig cartridge blocked

When using the Vype estick sometimes the cartridge would become blocked and after sucking hard on the device trying to get the nicotine that I was so badly craving, a spurt of vype e juice shot through the cartridge and into my mouth which was disgusting! I was concerned for my health and washed my mouth out with lots of water. Luckily I was OK but it was a very bad experience.

Vype e stick battery cold

Another concern about the quality of esticks and e-pens are they are rubbish when it is very cold! The lithium batteries only last for a few minutes in temperatures close to freezing. This is highly inconvenient if you are on your way to work in the morning. (generally when your cravings are at their peek). If it’s freezing and the battery keeps dying on you after every few puffs. We want something that works in all weather! A device that works when it is cold and does not explode if it gets too hot! More safety advice keep your battery below 40 celcius if it gets hotter than this then it could explode! Do not put the Vype eStick or ePen on a radiotor if it gets wet! It will explode and could cause injury or a fire.

Vype eticks side effects

Blistering on the lips that was caused when over using the Vype estick. Or maybe it was when some of the liquid shot through the cartridge and went into my mouth. The blistering lasted a week or so. It was quite painful and now after cutting down on my usage it has healed. I just hope there are no long term after effects and hope it doesn’t lead to anything like cancer. No long term research has been carried out into the effects of Propylene Glycol or Nicotine on the skin. It could be some years down the line we find out that vaping does have some health impact. Only time will tell!


Socialites e-cig are they safe?

Socialites e-cig

Are socialites e-cig safe? Well that depends on what you deem as safe I guess. There has only been a few years research into the health impact of electronic smoking. Illnesses such as cancer can take years develop. So short term research is not enough to confirm the safety of socialites e-cigs and other brands.

Socialites e-liquid

The e-liquid produced by socialites contains 3 main ingredients: Nicotine, Propylene glycol and glycerol. Nicotine is very toxic and a small amount can be fatal, Glycerol is safer – a simple sugar alcohol compound so no real worries here. There is some controversy surrounding Propylene Glycol with arguments for and against the level of its safety. It is used in many products from soaps and shampoo to foods and drugs. It is deemed safe for use by global regulatory bodies such as the MHRA and FDA.

Really wasn’t that long ago that we were told that tobacco was good for our health, with some doctors prescribed it as treatment for ailments – including sore throats! So should we be concerned about socialites e-cig? With any new technology there is an element of skepticism into its safety and feeling like we are guinea pigs for this new industry can be quite distressing.

Problems with socialites e-cigs

After using socialites now for over 6 months I have noticed a wide range of problems. I have used both the two part e-cig and the two vaporizers and encountered similar problems with both. The problems have caused me to get e-liquid in my mouth, on my skin and on my clothes. Which is extremely alarming as the safety info on the e-liquid bottles is clearly marked as toxic.

danger of e-liquid in mouth

warning e-liquid in the mouth


Problems I have encountered with socialites e-cig

  1. Battery over heating and causing very hot vapor entering my mouth and throat.
  2. E-liquid shooting out of the cartomiser into my mouth.
  3. Battery life drastically effected by the temperature (too cold and life is shortened)
  4. Faulty cartomiser, I screwed on a brand new cartomiser nothing came out. No vapor was produced.
  5. Too many empty cartomiser that you can’t recycle, surely any new industry should be producing goods that are 100% recyclable.

Problems that I have experienced with the socialite vaporizer

  1. Cracked inhalator, it seems every time I drop the socialites vaporizer onto a hard surface the clear plastic cracks causing juice leakage.
  2. When you take the mouth piece out to refill with e-liquid some of the juice doesn’t always go down into the chamber. So when you re-attach the mouth piece liquid comes out.
  3. E-liquid going into your mouth when you inhale; this happens way more frequently with the socialites vaporizer compared to the socialites e-cig.
  4. Sitting on the vaporizer and breaking it, often I keep the socialites vaporizer in my pocket and forget it’s there. It will break and sometimes leak if you sit on it.
  5. Unscrewing the battery, sometimes the wrong piece will become detached and if the chamber is full with juice, the contents will spill out all over my hands and clothes.


It is fair to say some of the problems that occur are my own fault and with more care and attention they may not happen. Nevertheless, should products that contain potentially fatal ingredients be allowed to be sold? People that smoke are often busy people like myself and whilst working I keep the e-cig or vaporizer in my pocket. If I forget that it is there and sit down it breaks and sometimes leaks. So better products should be sold that are stronger and pose no risk of leaking toxic e-juice.

Socilites e-cig and vaporizer positives.

After listing the bad points that I have found with socialites e-cigs it is only fair that I list the good points as well, so here goes.

  1. They have a range of great flavors which make the vaping experience really pleasant.
  2. The socialites e-cig is small and compact which allows for discreet vaping.
  3. The e-cig is very easy to use, this makes the transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes really easy.
  4. Health! I feel so much better now I have quit tobacco. My skin looks better, healthier and I am more vibrant. My fitness is improving I can exercise for longer without getting out of breath.
  5. The smell, I don’t stink like an old dirty ashtray any more! Which has pleased all my non smoking friends and I am happy as I am still getting all the nicotine I require. Smoking socialites has made me a lot happier in general.

 Socialites e-cig overview

All in all socialites e-cig and socialites vaporizers offer a very pleasant vaping experience. There are a variety of e-liquid/juice flavors to choose from and both vaping devices are pretty good and reliable. There are a few problems with the socilaites e-cig and the socialites vaporizer that I have outlined. This should be taken into account when choosing what brand to vape; although these problems occur among other brands as well.

Socialites e-cig is small and compact and they provide a smooth vape shot, that gives you the nicotine you need instantly, with juicy flavors and a range of traditional tobacco flavors as well. The socialites e-cig is a much better alternative to smoking tobacco, I have noticed a vast improvement in my fitness levels as I can breath a lot better. I don’t get that horrible phlegm that I would cough up every morning that is associated with tobacco smoking and I don’t stink like dirty stale smoke which my girlfriend (a non-smoker) really appreciates. So overall I would say that socialites e-cig has really improved my general well being and health as well as making my girlfriend very happy.

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