VIP e-cigs and VIP vaporizers

VIP e-cigs

VIP e-cigs and vaporizers were one of the leading brands in the UK. VIP offered a wide range of products to suit the needs vapers. On VIP’s website they claimed to offer the highest standard of products. But is this true? And were they over priced? And was this part to play in their downfall as the the company went bust

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New v2 e cig and v2 vapes

v2 e cigs and vaporizers

The v2 e cig and v2 vapes are a Global Business, v2 Cigs, vapour2 and vertx are part of the VMR Products LLC. (note they are a limited liability company, LLC) They have been trading for some time now and ranked as one of the top vaping companies. With huge financial backing sure v2 e cigs will become a household

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Flavour vapour Bristol

Flavour vapour shop front

Flavour vapour is a vaping shop that has opened up several outlets in the Bristol area, Flavour Vapour Gloucester Rd, East St, Bedminster, St. James Arcade, Broadmead and one at Westgate street in Bath. The shop has recently started to franchise Flavour Vapors around the UK. Right the way from Plymouth to Dundee. Flavour vapour is fairly new in the world of vaping. They

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E-lites getting hot?

Packet of E-lites

E-lites one of the UK’s most recognizable e-cig brands. E-lites are adopting a slightly different marketing strategy compared to other brands, they are trying gain a strong foot hold in the e-smoking industry. Elites have gone big on sponsorship and have linked themselves with a number of partners. Below are some the partners linked with E-lites. “THE O2 ARENA With

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Blu cigs are they safe?

blu electronic smoking

The Blu e cig Blu cigs are truly set to be one of the leading names in electronic smoking. The global e-smoking industry is growing rapidly with ever more smokers making the switch from tobacco products to Blu cig products. The corporate dominance of this new industry seems to be on the rise. The third-largest U.S. tobacco company, Lorillard Inc,

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Njoy cigarettes/vaporizers getting hot

Njoy vaping

Njoy electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are proving to be one of the most popular in the newly emerging e-smoking industry.With heavy investment from many corporate backers, including some with ties to the tobacco industry Njoy will surely be a household name to contend with. Njoy smoking products The brand Njoy has a limited range of e-smoking products, with the e-cigarette

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Vype epen and estick safety concerns

Vype Esticks

Who owns Vype, vype e sticks and the brand? Vype is manufactured by Nicoventures, a UK-based company that sits within the Nicoventures division of British American Tobacco. Vype cigs launched into the market backed by one of the biggest tobacco retailers in the world, a sign that slowly but surely people are moving away from solely acquiring nicotine from tobacco.

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Socialites e-cig are they safe?

Socialites e-cig

Are socialites e-cig safe? Well that depends on what you deem as safe I guess. There has only been a few years research into the health impact of electronic smoking. Illnesses such as cancer can take years develop. So short term research is not enough to confirm the safety of socialites e-cigs and other brands. Socialites e-liquid The e-liquid produced

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