E-cig refill liquids vape juice

You can get e-cig refill liquid from a number of places. There are lots of places to buy e-cig refill liquid online. Also more and more shops and petrol stations are selling e-cig refill liquid. E-liquid, vape juice, nicotine liquid, smoking liquid or e-cig refill liquid are designed for vaporizers not e-cigs though.

Can you refill e-cigs?

e-cig refill liquid

e-cig tips

You are not supposed to refill the e-cigarettes as manufacturers want you to buy more and more of the refill tips. You can refill them tho with e-cig refill liquid or e-liquid. All you have to do is dismantle the tip. remove the rubber grommet and drip some e-cig refill liquid onto the gauze pad inside the e-cig tip.

The manufactures are trying to stop people doing this by making it harder to open the tip up. In some designs like the Vype e-pen,  they have a different system that makes it so you cant refill the cartridge. The cheaper e-cigs that actually look like cigarettes are easy to refill. So i guess it makes more sense to get the cheap e-cigs and refill them right? The bottles of e-liquid are a lot cheaper than the refill tips.


Is it safe to use e-cig refill liquid in old tips?

Well it seems to be safe if you are careful and take your time to refill each e-cig tip.

e-cig refill liquid

e-liquid in bottles

I know people that have been doing this for 5 years plus and they have had no problem. If you get any e-cig refill liquid on your hands or skin wash it immediately and try not to get it on your clothes.

E-cig tips leaking in mouth

E-cigs can leak juice into your mouth even if you have not tampered with the tip. I have experienced this many times. So of course if you refill it you self there is a chance you may get refill liquid in your mouth. But no more than if you get a new tip from a shop. Unless you over fill the tip or do not put it back together properly. Over filling or not re-assembling correctly are the only ways you will have any problems.

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