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Selling products that could potentially lead to death obviously poses many problems. There are few safety guidelines or regulation on the manufacture and sale of e-liquid. It is quite easy for one to purchase the raw ingredients for the vaporising liquid online. Then you can start to produce and sell your very own blend of vaping liquid. There are even online nicotine calculators to help figure out e-liquid potency.

E-liquid regulation

Lack of regulation and legislation is leading to a growing number of backyard brewers selling unregulated e-liquid. E-liquid strength is often unknown or at best estimated and non-specific quantities of chemicals inside including nicotine.

E-liquid ingredients

The content of e-liquid is as follows: Nicotine, Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine and flavourings.

Propylene Glycol: is a synthetic liquid that absorbs water and is a common component of antifreeze. It is also used to make polyester compounds. The FDA deemed it safe and it is used in food products. Although listed as a toxic compound .
Glycerine: a simple alcohol sugar compound that has many uses including medical, medicinal and in the food industry. It is used as a lubricant and commonly in asthma inhalers, it is deemed safe by the FDA.

  •  These ingredients are freely available to purchase. They are relatively easy to mix into vaporizing liquid. So should we have to be careful about which products we buy?
  • Who are the companies behind the emerging e-smoking brands?
  • Is there need for regulation? Not only on the e-liquid but also on the component parts and manufacturers of vaporizers?

You would think that when you buy e-liquid it has been made by a professional in a lab. A place with strict quality control and that it poses no harm to your health. Well when you buy e-liquid online you really don’t know who has made it. Unless it is from a reputable maker but how do you know who is reputable and who is not? I guess if they have mainstream advertising on T.V and billboards right or if a celebrity endorses the product..right? It must be safe then you would think. But what about cheap enticing online deals that give great discount for bulk orders. How do we know who made it and how do we know how safe it is?

Selling e-liquid

Tracking all e-liquid providers will be a mammoth task. Stopping the sale from bedroom brewers will be tough. The raw ingredients for e-liquid are available for purchase online and there are tutorials on how to make e-liquid. So stopping home production will be a very hard. The prospect of being tried for manslaughter or murder for selling online e-juice is not deterring some people. The batches maybe faulty or labelled incorrectly which could lead to death or other side effects. It is always best to do some research before buying e-liquid online.

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