E-lites getting hot?

Packet of E-lites

E-lites one of the UK’s most recognizable e-cig brands. E-lites are adopting a slightly different marketing strategy compared to other brands, they are trying gain a strong foot hold in the e-smoking industry. Elites have gone big on sponsorship and have linked themselves with a number of partners. Below are some the partners linked with E-lites.


With over 30 million visitors to date, the O2 has become the world’s most popular entertainment venue. Staging the world’s greatest performing artists and world class sporting events. You are able to enjoy a range of our products across all concourse levels, bars and suites.


One of the world’s most iconic and successful global teams, with almost 100 Scottish titles and one of a select group of UK teams to have won the much coveted European Cup. The 60,000+ seater Celtic Park is a true cathedral of football, where supporters can enjoy E-Lites as an alternative to smoking whilst watching the match.


Worcester are a top-flight rugby union club with over 140 years of history, and have played at the Sixways Stadium since 1975. In 2013, the ground’s South Stand was re-named The E-Lites Stand as part of our proud involvement with our local and historic rugby team.


E-Lites are proud to be an official partner of the British Superbikes and to support such an exciting race series which sees riders from all ages compete in one of the fastest and toughest motorbike racing classes in Europe.” Source

With E-lites marketing strategy heavily leaning towards that of sponsorship and endorsement, is there any risk of this blowing up their faces? Well the answer would have to be yes. If electronic smoking goes the same way as that of tobacco sponsorship then new regulations could see a ban on any advertising linked to e-smoking. This would surely dent E-lites as a whole and possibly see the company go into administration.

E-lites recycling program

E-lites are one of the few brands that are addressing the issue of recycling the spent cartridges with a reward program that encourages E-lites users to recycle their old batteries and other paraphernalia. For this they must be applauded, as outlined in one of my earlier posts there is going to a be a huge amount of waste from this industry and this waste will have a social and environmental impact. If you imagine all the current tobacco cigarette butts you see on the floor today turning into metal and plastic counter parts, then you will be able to envisage a huge potential problem caused by e-cigs. So a reward program that encourages recycling is a great idea. (Note below is a quoted from E-lites website spelling mistakes are not mine, although i am not perfect either)

“Here at E-Lites we care about the environment and rewarding our customers. Therefore, we have developed a rewards scheme where you can recycle your old E-Tips in return for new ones.

We send all the returned E-Tips into an official recycling programme because we like doing our bit for the planet and we hope that you enjoy your E-Tips!” Source

How the E-lites recycling program works

“Our recycling and rewards scheme works on a points system:

1x E-Tips = 1 Point

1x G9 Battery = 2 Points

Return 20 Points = 2 E-Tips worth £7.99

Return 25 Points = 1 G9 Battery (Red or Green)

Claims may only be made following these guidelines (we cannot exchange 10 E-Tips for 1 E-Tip).


There is no maximum amount of how many points you can send in at a time, however when sending in more than 20 E-Tips we ask you pre-bag these into multiples of 20/25 so we can process the claim as quickly as possible.” Source

E-lites products

E-lites product range is very limited! the company only sells the e-cig style vaporizer. There are only a handful of starter kits and very few accessories. It ranges the disposable e-cig and the changeable cartridge model. The tips only come in 3 x different varieties, which are regular strength, light strength and menthol flavor. Only two strength variations are given light and regular, which in my opinion is rubbish and gives very little choice to the vaper. Is there a reason for this light weight company approach though? Product costs etc?

There are the standard E-lights USB and mains adapters which you use to charge the lithium ion battery. Nothing special here at all!

Problems with E-lites getting hot

E-lites if overused can get too hot and over heat. This should activate the cut off switch which will stop the cigarette from producing vapor until it has cooled down to a usable temperature. How ever constant puffing which is common when people are using an E-lite to quit smoking can cause problems. Often hot vapor can pass through the tip and cause a sharp pain in the mouth and lips. It can be quite painful and very annoying.

E-lites liquid in mouth

In some instances you can get E-lites liquid in your mouth. This can be caused by vaping too frequently and or a faulty tip. The liquid tastes sweet but make sure you do not swallow it! rinse your mouth out with water and wipe off any excess liquid. The liquid contained in the tips is toxic if swallowed or in contact with the skin!

Faulty E-lites tips

In my time using E-lites I have encountered a few problems, one time the tip became blocked and a could not inhale any vapor. I tried to suck harder (as you do craving the nicotine) and as I sucked hard a load of un-vaporized liquid shot through the tip and into my mouth. It was disgusting and panicked me greatly, as I was aware the liquid was toxic if swallowed. It made me feel light headed and slightly sick but I was ok.

Quite often though I would be puffing on an E-lite and some e-liquid residue would get into my mouth. You can taste the sweet taste from the sugar compounds on your lips and tongue. Although I had no immediate side effects I am greatly concerned to see if there will be any long term exposure side effects.

E-lites battery

The e-lites battery is a standard lithium ion battery and lithium ion batteries have an optimum operating range in regards to temperature. If the outside temperature is any where close to freezing then the battery will not work as well and the power in the battery will be reduced dramatically. On the other hand if the battery gets too hot there is a chance that it could explode! Safe operating temperatures are nothing over 45 Celsius. If the battery explodes it could cause harm obviously.


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