E-cigs are better than vaporizers five reasons why

E-cigs better

E-cigs and vaporizer are becoming more and more common. Every street you walk down you see people vaping. Either puffing on an e-cig or chugging a vaporizer but which of these devices is this best? Which one suits you? Is it easier to quit smoking tobacco with a device that looks like a cigarette?                               Here are five pro reason why e-cigs are better than vaporizers, they should help you making your mind up when buying a vape. If they don’t what ever I prefer vaporizers anyway. Although I started with e-cigs I switched after a year or so to a vaporizer. The e-cigs helped me quit tobacco.



5. The size

E-cigs are small and light compared to some bulky vaporizers.

4. Discreet

You can cup an e-cig in your hand and puff discreetly, most vaporizers are too big to be covered by one hand.

3. Strength

E-cigs are generally more durable than larger vaporizers, e-cigs are more likely to survive when you sit on them!

2. Portable charging unit

Some e-cig brands have portable chargers shaped like a cigarette box, this allows you to charge e-cigs on the go; you can also store cartomizers and spare batteries in the charging box.

1. Quitting

E-cigarettes look like traditional tobacco cigarettes, most even have a glowing tip which lights when puffed. This similarity helped me to stop smoking tobacco by bridging the cap from tobacco cigarettes to a vaping pen.

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