Flavour vapour Bristol

Flavour vapour shop front

Flavour vapour is a vaping shop that has opened up several outlets in the Bristol area, Flavour Vapour Gloucester Rd, East St, Bedminster, St. James Arcade, Broadmead and one at Westgate street in Bath.

The shop has recently started to franchise Flavour Vapors around the UK. Right the way from Plymouth to Dundee. Flavour vapour is fairly new in the world of vaping. They have been trading just a few years now.

Flavour vapour shops are weird, in that when you see inside people are smoking or what appears to be smoking. Smoking inside has been “tabooed” by the media now for many years. So what the hell is going on and is it safe?

flavour vapour shop

Thick vaping aerosol

Most people know what they are doing inside is vaping. Vaping is deemed to be a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. When you vape e-liquid non of the nasty carcinogens are released, no combustion takes place. This still doesn’t detract from it being a little weird, maybe because it’s a new thing. Maybe we are just not used to seeing it, maybe we should just get used to it? Do we have a choice?

Despite flavour Vapour looking weird from the outside, when you enter the shop through the thick mist of aerosol you will find quite a pleasant set up. They have a smart counter with lots of products on display. The products in Flavour Vapour are limited though, They have everything you need to vape. But that only consists of a batteries, atomizers and e-liquid. Not really much to fill a shop if you ask me.

Flavour vapour has lots of variety in vaping kit but this doesn’t amount to a lot. A few batteries, different tanks, a few mods and add-ons that’s all. It seems like they are trying to make it cool, making modifications to how and what you vape. The “mods” reaching out to individualize what in reality is a drug addiction. Nicotine is very addictive and a drug. Should it be made cool? Our children will see us vaping and then copy us right?  Besides you can easily buy what ever is available in the shop online at a much cheaper price.

Flavour vapour prices

Flavour vapour prices are quite high! you will be paying well over the top for e-liquid, batteries and all other accessories. Lots of people don’t know that you can make your own e-liquid for a fraction of the cost charged in flavour vapour. A bottle of 10ml e-liquid costs less than 30p to make. They charge up to 6 or 7 pounds for some e-liquid. This is a huge mark up. E-liquid consumers are not aware of how much profit retailers are making. If they are aware then hopefully we can bring the price down.


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