E-cig regulations and product changes

The predicted announcement of new regulations is likely to force electronic vaporizing brands like VIP, V2 and Blu to make product changes to almost all of their current paraphernalia . These changes could include ‘tamper proof’ cartomisers, cartridges, atomizers and clearomisers that can only be filled once. After the nicotine has been vaped they are then discarded, removing the refilling option and limiting nicotine consumption.

It could be that new vaporizing regulations see the ban of e-liquid sale! Leaving the only option to buy new cartomizers from licensed retailers, hence completely removing the option to refill the devices yourself. These new regulations would surely have a great impact on the cost of e-smoking and would certainly be met with hostility, from both users and manufacturers alike. Not to mention forced product changes rendering current devices obsolete.

If the sale of e-liquid is made illegal following forthcoming regulatory measures on vaping, this would not only have an impact on the price but potentially the environment as well. You only have to look at the number of strewn cigarette butts on the streets today, to realise that if those butts were made from metal and plastic they could pose a much larger problem.

Regulators may well have considered this already and have alternative product designs in the pipeline, geared up for product changes. Perhaps banning the sale of e-juice could lead to cartridges being recycled and refilled by licensed shops, instead of being thrown out in the trash. The result of this could reduce nicotine consumption, as well as limit the environmental impact and would at least half the projected billions of nicotine cartridges discarded by e-smokers.

One thing for sure that should happen but probably wont happen under the free market is tougher regulation. Protecting people health and well being, as well as protecting people pockets and the amount they pay for products. All electrical equipment should have a guarantee of at least a year so e-smoking should come into that umbrella. Well manufactured products that are designed to last to lesson the environmental impact of electronic smoking.

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