Growing addiction

Addiction and substances

Addiction is blamed for the substantial rise in the amount of nicotine consumed. This due to electronic smoking. I have experienced this first hand; when I quit smoking tobacco I was on about twenty per day. Cigarettes contain between 8 mg to 20 mg of nicotine. This depends on brand but only around 1 mg per cigarette is absorbed by the body.

Vaping addiction

When I took up vaping as a way to quit tobacco I used my electronic devices constantly. I was amazed at the seemingly never ending source of nicotine; I only ever stopped to change the battery or refill the atomizer with juice. With this easily available cheap form of nicotine, my addiction has grown to around 5 ml of 16 mg E-liquid. This is the equivalent of over 100 cigarettes per day.

This is worrying on a personal level for me. But from a tobacco farmers point of view to see a rise in consumption of their produce is good news. I was not alone in noticing a rise in my nicotine consumption. In vaping forums around the globe people are saying that their nicotine consumption has trebled or even quadrupled. Compared to when they were smoking tobacco some people are saying they are smoking the equivalent of 200 per day!

E-liquid addiction

E-liquid in the UK is very easy to acquire, it is widely available on the internet. New e-liquid retailers are opening shops on the high street and in shopping centers. E-liquids are easy to buy and there are no restrictions on the amount an individual can vape. So is it any wonder a persons nicotine consumption could increase compared to when they were smoking cigarettes?

If a person takes up vaping as a way to help quit smoking. They might end up vaporizing more nicotine and building up a greater dependence. Then surely this will make it harder to quit in the long run.

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