Make alcohol inhaler or vaporizer

alcohol inhaler, DIY/homemade

Alcohol inhaler or vaporizer

Alcohol inhaler, inhalation from alcohol vaporization its a fun way to get drunk. It is a great way to do alcohol with no risk of getting fat. When you vape alcohol no calories are digested. When you drink alcohol the calorific drink enters the body and excess drinking can lead to weight gain.

That is why inhaling alcohol is becoming more and more popular. In order for alcohol vapor to be produced the alcohol needs to be heated to around 78 degrees Celsius. Once it reaches this temperature ethanol vapor is produced which you can inhale. Of course you can’t do this as effectively in a saucepan or a glass; you need a better container.

Making an alcohol inhaler

It’s quite easy to make a simple alcohol inhaler. You can use an old beer can or bottle, put a shot or two of strong alcohol in the can and heat over stove till about 78 degrees Celsius. Once the alcohol vaporizes, stick a straw in and inhale the vapor.

There are more products on the market that allow you to vape alcohol. The Vaportini is an alcohol inhaler, essentially it’s a glass bowl and heat source, like a tea light or candle. Very easy to replicate with household items. Although the Vaportini is way more elegant at parties and it’s much easier to see the alcohol vapor condensing in its crystal ball like globe. The Vaportini comes with everything you need to vape-alcohol and is pretty reasonably priced too. It may be worth spending a little instead of bodging one together out of household items. There are dangers involved when doing this method see DIY alcohol vaporizer for more safety details.

Dangers of alcohol inhalation

Alcohol inhalation like the more traditional drinking methods has dangers; alcohol consumption can cause damage to the body in many ways. Liver, heart and brain damage are common from alcohol abuse. What separates alcohol inhalation from drinking is that with inhalation the body has no chance to process the alcohol. Meaning, 1: you get drunk quicker and 2: if you consume too much you have no way to eject it from your body. i.e. you can’t be sick; there is no alcohol in your stomach to puke up. So alcohol poisoning can occur and take hold very quickly, which could result in loss of sight, kidney failure and death. So remember be responsible when drinking or vaping alcohol. Be careful, have fun.

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