Njoy cigarettes/vaporizers getting hot

Njoy vaping

Njoy electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are proving to be one of the most popular in the newly emerging e-smoking industry.With heavy investment from many corporate backers, including some with ties to the tobacco industry Njoy will surely be a household name to contend with.

Njoy smoking products

The brand Njoy has a limited range of e-smoking products, with the e-cigarette being the main focal point. Njoy gives users the choice of a rechargeable device or a disposable device. This makes Njoy one of the more expensive brands to choose from.

Njoy recharge starter kits

Starter packs range from $29.99 for their recharge economy kit and up to $124.99 for the super recharge kit. It is interesting to note that Uk prices for the super recharge kit are 124.99 GBP for the same products. This works out at about $197, this alone may cause some of you to reconsider the brand you chose to start vaping with.

Njoy vaporizers

Njoy also offers pretty bog standard vaporizers and a modest range of e-liquid flavors. Some of the products are not available to buy yet and are coming out soon.

“Coming soon the world of Vaping! With amazing new flavours and kits for every budget, NJOY will soon bring our heritage of superb engineering and passion for independence to vaping.” Source

This a quote fom the Njoy website stating that they are bringing out amazing new flavors for any kind of budget. It is worth noting at this point that you make your own e-liquid for les than 20 cents a bottle. Check this post out on how to make your own e-liquid.

Njoy e-cigarette getting hot!

With any vaping device heat is used to vaporize e-liquid. This process produces an aerosol or vapor as it’s known, which you inhale. Problems like the battery and hotplate getting to hot are caused by several means. This can be dangerous and can possibly lead to the battery exploding.

The lithium ion batteries contained in Njoy e-cigs and vaporizers have an optimum operating range. If the battery is to cold performance is effected resulting in a shorter battery lifespan and less vaping!

If the battery gets too hot from exposure to direct sunlight or any other means and reaches temperatures above 45-50 degrees Celsius, 113-122 Fahrenheit, then a volatile reaction can occur causing a small explosion and potential injury.

The other way that Njoy batteries can over heat is from overuse. This is common when people are trying to quit smoking tobacco using an Njoy e-cig or vaporizer. Quitting tobacco is hard and replacing this habit with a vaping device is difficult. I myself stopped smoking tobacco and moved onto vaping with Njoy, I found that I could hardly put the new device down.

My constant puffing on the e-cig would cause the battery to get very hot. Although there is an in-built cut out device if the battery starts to get too hot it didn’t stop me from at times burning my lips with hot vapor! The burns were not bad but definitely unpleasant.

Problems with Njoy e-cigs

Other problems that have been encountered when using Njoy products other than the battery overheating and burnt lips are numerous. First lets start with the e-cig.The e-cig is a smaller more compact version of the vaporizer and there fore has a smaller battery. The battery is useless in cold temperatures! if you get any where near freezing forget about using the e-cig you will be lucky to get 15 minutes vaping out of the battery even if it is fully charged.

Njoy liquid in mouth

Another problem with the e-cig comes from the flavor chambers, although it did not happen regularly sometimes the chamber would get blocked and I was unable to suck any vapor through. So I tried to suck harder on the e-cig until eventually I sucked a load of un-vaporized e-liquid through the chamber and into my mouth. This was extremely worrying as all the safety information states that e-liquid is toxic!

Njoy burnt lips

Another problem with using Njoy products comes from over use of the device. Although there are instructions that state how much you should use the product, it’s very hard to control how frequently you puff on the e-cig. Especially when quitting tobacco using a vaping device. The over use lead to blisters on my lips that sometimes would not heal for weeks. The blisters were very sore and cause a lot of discomfort.

Bad breath from Njoy

Frequency of use is outlined but Njoy do not say anywhere what happens if you over use their E-cigs. So here are some from me to you after my experience with Njoy vaporizer and E-cigs.

If you over use Njoys e-cigs prepare to get blistered lips, ulcers in the mouth and incredibly bad breath. These are all things that I have experienced and feel that all potential Njoy customers should be made aware of. More safety warnings on Njoys products are required and measures should be taken to stop this from happening.

I think it is worth reading through Njoys mission statement below and looking at the points they make. In particular look at points 2 and 3. If this is the best they can do I feel they have not been trying very hard.

NJOY’s Mission:

“Our mission is to obsolete cigarettes.

NJOY is 100% committed to the design and delivery of the world’s best non-tobacco electronic smoking (or Vaping) experience available, and we exist to create a truly superior alternative to the pleasures and satisfaction derived from traditional combustible tobacco.

  •  are passionate about understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs.

  •  are intensely focused on, fascinated by and committed to the advancement of technology to make our products the absolute best available.

  • We are truly dedicated to the design and refinement of the experience of our products to help create the most satisfaction and pleasure for our customers.

  • We are respectful of our adult customers’ desire for a truly wonderful and exceptional sensory experience derived from our products.

  •  are dedicated to the eradication of tobacco related illness worldwide

  • We are 100% committed to setting the highest standards for corporate responsibility related to the prevention of use of our products by people under the legal age, transparency and disclosure related to the ingredients contained in and the processes involved in manufacturing of our products, and the advancement of scientific evidence related to the potential benefits associated with the use of our products as an alternative to traditional tobacco products.

  •  are not now and never will be part of a tobacco company” Source.

Other problems that have encountered are the occasional dud flavor chamber. Once I attached the new chamber to the battery and tried to puff nothing happened. I then tried another chamber and it worked fine. So make sure you keep an eye out for this! I am sure if I would have sent it back to them. Or contacted them about this they would have refunded me.



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  • Kimberly Wright

    Hi I enjoy the enjoys but about every 5 is a dud or don’t have 300 puffs. Getting too costly for me to have to deal with this all the time this has been going on probably for 2 years I would appreciate if I am refunded somehow thank you

  • I’ve bee. Smoking the NJOY for a little over a month and today was the second one I bought that got so hot and the light on the end would not go away. I was scared to continue to smoke it in case it overheated and blew up. I would like a replacement for the disposable black + blueberry that I have only had it for an hour or so and it’s already started overheating. Any advise or feedback would be greatly appreciated

  • How do i turn on the njoy kings

  • With all the news about e cigarettes I would like to know what ingredients are in the njoy pre filled tanks. Is there glycerin? Other ingredients to be watchful of?

    • The NJOY website states that the pods contain mostly propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, with 5% nicotine, and flavorings and additives. Some of the products also contain lactic acid. PG and VG have been deemed safe for short term use. They can produce formaldehyde and acetaldehyde at sustained high temps (400F), but as it says above, the battery is not meant to exceed 110F. Obviously, nicotine is addictive, but safe to inhale. The additives are probably nontoxic and relatively safe for short term use, compared to cigarettes and other tobacco products. However, the website doesn’t disclose what they are, so there’s a bit of obscurity. Altogether the ingredients seem pretty safe. It’s more likely to be inflammation in the lungs and throat that would cause issues, so the safest way to use the products would just be to take small-medium sized hits with breaks in between. 🙂

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