Questions regarding vaporizing

vaping questions

There are some important questions that need to be addressed regarding this new industry. Some of the questions are outlined below. Other questions will be added as they occur. Vaping is a new from of nicotine addiction. With any new thing it takes time to develop. The side effects of vaping on humans has not yet been determined. So what will the future hold? Speaking as a heavy vaporizer, I hope vaping has no side effects and that it is healthier than tobacco.

Vaping questions

  • Will rushed out products lead to poor quality and unsafe vaping devices being sold?
  • Are recyclable materials being used where ever possible putting environment before profit?
  • Should electronic smoking devices be banned from public places ?
  • Will the environment be effected by the projected manufacture of billions of disposable plastic components both before and after use?
  • Will the components of the smoking devices be prone to suicide and be designed to have a limited life span as per the planned obsolescence business model?
  • With early research splitting opinion on the safety of electronic smoking what other effects will it have on society?
  • Is there enough lithium in the world to make all these extra batteries?
  • Will the lithium in the vaporizer batteries poison us or the environment?
  • Will greedy corporations take over the industry and force prices up to a level that suits them?

One thing that electronic smoking certainly brings to the table is a lengthy ethical and moral debate. Questions that will indirectly effect us all and one that will be as fast moving as the current free market. Recent studies show that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking tobacco. It is a good thing for our health but do we want our children seeing us vape? With all the sweet fruity flavors available to vape it makes vaping appealing to the next generation. It also appeals to those that maybe to young to smoke in the first place.


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  • Being diabetic I would like to no how much glycerine there ls in an E cig after trying some for a few weeks my sugar levels went up

  • My battery is fully charged light not coming on when push and I did push five times to lock and unlock help please

  • I too have been gaining weight now, in April when I quit smoking in September 2015. I have increased my vaping because my boyfriend uses his e-cig alot. My weight was stable, recently I took up running, and vaping, (not at the same time) , and I am gaining weight like crazy.

  • I beg to differ… I smoked for 40 years and was never more than 135, even when pregnant. My average weight was 100 lbs. I began vaping and have packed on 40 lbs in 8 mths… and I vape all day long. I cannot lose even 5 lbs. I have considered going back to smoking because of this. It is nice to not have a stinky house and car though… I just cannot tolerate the weight. I don’t care what scientist say, it’s not the nicotine that keeps you thin, it’s one of the hundreds of other things in cigs and I need to find out what it is or I’m going back to my Marlboro’s.

  • This is really useful, thanks.

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