Flavored e-cig liquid

flavored e-cig liquid

There is a wide range of flavored e-cig liquid. Flavored e-cig liquid makes for a an all round pleasant vaping experience. There is a lot of  flavored e-cig liquid out there, thousands of different choices in fact. Everything from tobacco to strawberry pie. Here is a list of just a few flavors out there:

flavored e-cig liquid

e-cig liquid flavors

555, Almond Coconut Bar, Alpine Fresh, Amaretto, Apple Pie, Apple Pie Ala Mode. Banana, Banana Cream, Banana Graham, Banana Nut Bread, Banana Pudding, Banana Split, Bavarian Cream, Belgian Waffle, Berry Blast, Black Cherry, Black Berry, Black Honey, Blazing Frost Blueberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, Blueberry Cotton Candy, Blueberry Delight, B-Mix, B-Mix Menthol, Brandy, Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, Butter Rum, Buttered Popcorn, Cafe Latte, Cake Batter, Candy Cane, Candy Apple, Cantaloupe, Caramel, Caramel Cappuccino, Cappuccino, Champagne, Cheesecake, Chocolate Covered Raspberries, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Danish, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Circus Cotton Candy, Clove, Coconut, Coconut Candy, Coffee, Coffee&Cream, Cola, Cool, Cotton Candy, Cranberry, Crazy Berry, Crazy Chill, Crazy Dew, Crazy Freeze,Crazy Grass, Crazy Hump, Crazy Pep, Crazy Rainbow, Crazy Watermelon, Cream Cheese Frosting, Cream de Menthe, Creamy Fruit Smoothie, Cuban Cigar, Cured Tobacco, Daquiri, DK-Tab, Double Chocolate, Dragon’s Blood, Dragon Fruit, Dulce De Leche, Egg Nog, English Toffee, Espresso, Extreme Ice, Flaming Peach, French Toast, French Vanilla, French Vanilla Deluxe, Fresh Apple, Fresh-N-Fruity, Fudge Brownie, Fruit Rocket, Georgia Peach,Gingerbread, Goblin Goo, Golden Pineapple, Graham Cracker, Green Apple, Green Tea, Gummy Candy, Harvest Berry, Hazelnut, Honey Dew Melon, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cinnamon Candy, Hypnotic, Irish Cream, Island Getaway, Jamaican Rum, Java Shake, Jungle Juice, Kentucky Bourbon, Kettle Corn, Khaluah & Cream, Kiwi, Lemon Drop, Lemon Lime, Lemon Meringue Pie, Mango, Margarita, Marshmallow, Melon, Menthol, Mint Patty, Milk Chocolate, M-Mix, M-Mix Menthol, M-Mix Special Blend, Mocha,Mojito,Mummy Mint, Munster, N-Mix, N-Mix Menthol, NY Cheesecake, Orange Cognac, Orange Creamsicle, P-Mix, P-Mix Menthol, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Peanut Butter, Peanut Buttercup, Pear, Peppermint, Peppermint Frost, Perfect Peach, Pie Crust, Piña Colada, Pineapple, Pink Champagne, Pistachio, Plum, Pomegranate, Popstar, Purple People Eater, Raging Bull, Raisin, Raspberry, Raspberry Lemonade, Red Hots, Red Velvet Cake, Root Beer, Rum, RY4, Shipwreck, Shipwreck Berry, S-Mix, Smooth, Snick Snack, Sour Apple, Sour Applicious, Spearmint, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Strawberries & Cream, Strawberry Daquiri, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Cookie, Super Red Hots, Swamp Frog, Sweet Cream, Sweet-N-Sour Kiss, Sweet Raspberry, Sweet Strawberry, Sweet Tangerine, Sweet Tangy Melon, Sweet Tarts, Sweet Tea, Sweet Watermelon, Skinny V, Skinny V Menthol, Toasted Almond, Toasted Marshmallow, Tropical Punch, Twin Mint, Twisted Grape, Twisted Java,Tutti Frutti , Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Vanilla Butternut, Vanilla Cupcake, Vanilla Swirl, Volcano, Watermelon, White Chocolate, Wicked Brew, Winter Cool, Wintergreen Chew, W-Mix, Yellow Cake, Zombie Blood, Zombie Juice, Zombie Mint,

So as you can see there is a lot of choice out there and this is only a few.

Why flavored e-cig liquid?

Well it is a good idea to add flavor to e-liquid as it would be very bland if you did not add any flavor. The only thing you would be able to taste would be the nicotine as the other ingredients are flavorless. So it makes sense to add flavors that we are all familiar with and like. Adding flavor to e-cig liquid makes for a more enjoyable vaping experience, which in turn makes it easier to quit smoking tobacco!

E-cig refill liquids vape juice

You can get e-cig refill liquid from a number of places. There are lots of places to buy e-cig refill liquid online. Also more and more shops and petrol stations are selling e-cig refill liquid. E-liquid, vape juice, nicotine liquid, smoking liquid or e-cig refill liquid are designed for vaporizers not e-cigs though.

Can you refill e-cigs?

e-cig refill liquid

e-cig tips

You are not supposed to refill the e-cigarettes as manufacturers want you to buy more and more of the refill tips. You can refill them tho with e-cig refill liquid or e-liquid. All you have to do is dismantle the tip. remove the rubber grommet and drip some e-cig refill liquid onto the gauze pad inside the e-cig tip.

The manufactures are trying to stop people doing this by making it harder to open the tip up. In some designs like the Vype e-pen,  they have a different system that makes it so you cant refill the cartridge. The cheaper e-cigs that actually look like cigarettes are easy to refill. So i guess it makes more sense to get the cheap e-cigs and refill them right? The bottles of e-liquid are a lot cheaper than the refill tips.


Is it safe to use e-cig refill liquid in old tips?

Well it seems to be safe if you are careful and take your time to refill each e-cig tip.

e-cig refill liquid

e-liquid in bottles

I know people that have been doing this for 5 years plus and they have had no problem. If you get any e-cig refill liquid on your hands or skin wash it immediately and try not to get it on your clothes.

E-cig tips leaking in mouth

E-cigs can leak juice into your mouth even if you have not tampered with the tip. I have experienced this many times. So of course if you refill it you self there is a chance you may get refill liquid in your mouth. But no more than if you get a new tip from a shop. Unless you over fill the tip or do not put it back together properly. Over filling or not re-assembling correctly are the only ways you will have any problems.

Alcohol e-cig

alcohol e-cig

Alcohol e-cig?

The alcohol e-cig is a possibility, allowing the user to vape alcohol instead of e-juice. The smoking cartridge or cartomiser that usually contains smoking juice, would contain high proof alcohol such as vodka or even stronger – maybe absinthe. The vaporizer may need to be adapted slightly, although it still may be possible using traditional electronic smoking equipment. It depends if the battery heats the alcohol to at least 173.1°F (78.37°C) where the magic vaporization happens. If the alcohol reaches this temperature then vapor is produced which you can inhale. You can check out the output of your battery here to see if it will work.

Putting alcohol in an e-cig

If you put alcohol in an e-cig to make an alcohol e-cig it is likely to damage the e-cigarette, maybe beyond repair and would for sure render any guarantee the device has useless. If you do decide to try it then it best to drip the alcohol in via a syringe or pipette, this lessens the chances of accidents. Remember alcohol is flammable and if you heat it the alcohol becomes more volatile and more likely to ignite!

Although it is unlikely that an alcohol e-cig will be able to ignite the alcohol alone.

Can you vape alcohol

Can you vape alcohol? The simple answer is yes you can vape alcohol. There are several methods of vaping alcohol, the pressure method and the heating method. Both ways allow you to vape the alcohol contained with in most high strength spirits. There are dangers to vaping alcohol and overdosing is a concern. Your body has no way to eject vaped alcohol, so take care if you decide to use either method as there has been reported fatalities due to vaping shots.

Alcohol in e-juice?

Along with propylene glycol and nicotine, alcohol is often added to e-liquid as a thinning agent. Theoretically adding high proof alcohol to a vaping device to make an alcohol e-cig shouldn’t harm you or the equipment. The amount of alcohol used to thin e-liquid is very small, nowhere near enough to get you drunk. This doesn’t mean that if you add neat vodka to a e-cig that it will work! It depends on the make and model of the device and I guess luck and maybe a little judgment.

Can you vape vodka?

Yes you can vape vodka, vodka is a high strength alcohol and is easily vaporized. You can vaporize vodka by using the pressure or heat method of vaping. Either way will give you the desired effect of vaping vodka. The same safety precautions should be taken though when vaping vodka, it is the same as drinking vodka, if you drink too much too quickly then it could be fatal. The only thing is when you vape vodka the alcohol has no way to leave your body quickly and vaping too much vodka can do permanent damage or even be fatal.

Can you put alcohol in a vape?

Can you put alcohol in a vape, yes you can. Does putting alcohol in a vape work though? Well I have tried and had mixed results from experimenting with putting alcohol in my vape. Sometimes it seemed to have worked, well I thought I could taste the alcohol through the vape juice but I could not be sure that I actually vaped alcohol and didn’t get drunk.

I recommend using a neutral vape juice with no flavour or nicotine if you are going to try and mix alcohol with vape juice, this way there are less factors that will effect the end vaping experience.

Can you put alcohol strait into your vape? I tried this also and several times my vape stopped working, so I guess I broke it. I only tried with a small disposable lithium battery and did not have much success, if you were to try with a bigger more powerful battery you may get different results. Vodka or other alcohol seems to be harder to heat up and vaporize compared to e liquid. I think it needs a more sustained heat source and a battery just doesn’t seem to be up to it.

E juice that gets you drunk

As far as my knowledge goes there is no e juice that gets you drunk. E juice however sometimes contains small amounts of alcohol and this is used as a thinning agent. There will certainly not be enough in the e liquid to get you drunk. You would have to vape about 30 bottles of 10 ml juice to get about half a shots worth of alcohol and by the time you had vaped 30 bottles the first bit would have worn off. Just don’t try it. There is absolutely no point, try putting a little alcohol in your vape and see what happens. You stand more chance of getting drunk that way or at least something happening. (Act on advice at your own will, I hold no responsibility for your actions and advice was meant in jest)

Alcohol vape pen

Alcohol vape pen? The trouble is with most “vape pens” they take cartridges and getting any alcohol into an open cartridge is difficult. You would have to use a syringe to inject the cartridge or something to get only a small amount in. This would probably have no effect, so there is no point in trying alcohol vape pen. There is sometimes a small amount of alcohol in vape pen juice but it is just used as a thinner to make the juice more viscous. However I have heard that the small amount of alcohol in vape juice has been enough to trigger a relapse in recovering alcoholics. It is said that the smallest amount of alcohol consumption by a recovering alcoholic is enough for them to revert back to their addiction. So please be wary of this and always check the ingredients of the vape juice as a precaution to consuming alcohol.

Dangers of alcohol e-cigs

Of course there are dangers involved if you put alcohol in an e-cig to make an alcohol e-cig! The device could ignite causing a fire or burns. Alcohol is very flammable especially in a vaporized form, a small spark could ignite the vapor resulting in a fire. The danger of alcohol poisoning is a major concern. Poisoning can easily occur when vaping alcohol. The body can’t reject the alcohol, i.e. if you vape too much you can’t regurgitate the excess alcohol. This can cause serious harm and can even be fatal. So take care and any advice given in this article is acted upon with your own discretion. Vaporizing times advises you not to vape alcohol in any form.


E-liquid on skin is it bad?

E-liquid on skin

Getting e-liquid on skin is not as harmful as swallowing it, in the short term anyway. No extensive research has been done into the long term effect of e-liquid skin exposure. The skin is the semi permeable covering of vertebrates. Humans are vertebrates and our skin is semi permeable, this allows for osmosis to occur and some chemicals can penetrate. If e-liquid is left on the skin for too long the nicotine can seep through the skin and into the bloodstream, this having a harmful effect on our health and possibly even causing death.

E-liquid generally contains 3 main ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerol and nicotine. The most dangerous (or at least toxic) of the 3 is nicotine, which can kill almost instantaneously if too much is ingested. Propylene glycol is a synthetic product obtained from the hydration of propylene oxide, which is derived from petroleum. So should we be smoking a product that essentially comes from oil? And should we be worried about getting it on our skin?

There are arguments for propylene glycol use and against propylene glycol use, some labeling it as a toxic chemical and some like the FDA labeling it safe to be used in foods and other products. So I guess you will have to make your own mind up and see in ten years time.

The third ingredient – glycerol – is a simple polyol sugar alcohol compound which is deemed safe.

What do I do when I get e-liquid on skin?

The best thing to do when you get e-liquid on skin is quickly wipe it off and wash your hands. Most safety advice issued by e-juice manufacturers advises you to wash it off thoroughly and wash any clothes that came into contact with the juice. On most e-liquid bottles it is labelled as an irritant and may cause skin conditions, but I guess it depends on how sensitive your skin is. If you get e-liquid on skin get it off as quickly as possible!

What do I do if I get e-liquid in my eye?

If you get a small amount of e-liquid in your eye it is best to try and wash it out with water. Try not to rub it as it may cause deeper penetration and have a more harmful effect. If you get a lot in your eye then you should seek medical advice. Especially if you have any of the following symptoms: nausea, headaches, blurred vision, involuntary twitches, heart palpitations or vomiting. There are different levels of nicotine poisoning depending on how much has been ingested. This  depends on e-liquid strength versus the amount consumed.

How to prevent e-liquid on skin

Safety is key when using any dangerous substances! Follow these simple set of guidelines when refilling your vaporizer. If you are prepared you should not have any problems or come into any harm when vaping.

  • Always use protective gloves when re-filling you vaping device.
  • Wear protective goggles to stop e-liquid getting into your eyes.
  • Always refill your vaporizer in a well lit area, it helps if you can see what you are doing!
  • Always make sure you put the e-liquid bottle cap back on correctly so nothing spills.
  • Remember to securely tighten all the components of the vaporizer back together after refilling it. If the vaporizers not screwed up tight you can get e-liquid on skin, in eye or even swallow some juice.
  • Always remember to refill out of sight and away from children. Keep all e-smoking paraphernalia locked up and in a safe secure place.


E-cigarettes: a revolutionary evolution in nicotine delivery. E-cigs are used to vaporize e-nicotine which has far lower associated health risks than that of tobacco. The self-contained e-cig comprises of two parts: the battery and the atomizer. The atomizer contains the e-liquid which in turn contains the nicotine and is generally screwed onto the battery.

When the e-cigarette is puffed a censor activates the hot plate, heating a shot of liquid to vaporizing temperature. The exact temperature that e-liquid vaporizes at varies depending on the specific brand and recipe. Once the vaporized e-liquid is inhaled, the nicotine mostly enters the bloodstream via the cheeks and mouth and less through the lungs like the nicotine in tobacco smoke.

E-cigarettes are becoming more widely used and commonplace in society, particularly amongst younger generations. As the industry develops, so does the language coined to describe it. Cig-a-like or cigalike, e-cig, and e-cigarette are all terms used to describe an electronic cigarette.

Rechargeable E-cigarette

Most e-cigs are rechargeable, they have a limited battery life. The length of time that a battery will last depends on how much it is used as well as the make of e-cigarette components. Some e-cig batteries do not work well in cold temperatures, with a fully charged lithium battery only lasting a few minutes in freezing conditions. Rechargeable e-cigarettes have their advantages and disadvantages both of which need to be thought through.

Portable e-cigarette charger

Charge your e-cig on the go with portable cigarette charger and e-cig docking stations. These devices enable multiple battery charges away from mains electricity supply. Some portable chargers also double as a cigarette packet, giving it that authentic look and making it easy to switch away from tobacco.

Solar E-cigarette charger

Even if you are miles from any source of main grid electricity, solar e-cigarette chargers allow you to carry on vaping. With a small amount of solar energy you can charge e-cigs anywhere. All you need is a relatively sunny day to make the most of a solar charger, and depending on the brand of charger you have, you will be able to charge enough batteries to last you through the night.

Disposing of E-cigarette batteries

Used e-cigarette batteries are a danger and should be disposed of correctly. So when disposing of e-cigarette batteries always be careful not to put them where they can be crushed, if they are crushed they can leak and cause a fire.

Pay attention to the damage that batteries can have on our environment both to humans and wildlife, batteries are very toxic to our environment and lithium ion batteries are no exception. If too many of these chemicals get into the ground and water systems it will have a major effect on both our health and the environment.

Dispose of batteries properly by using battery recycling points or sending the used batteries back to the supplier for them to dispose of on your behalf.

E-cigarettes and Water

E-cigarettes and water do not go! They do not like each other and are best kept apart. If your e-cig becomes wet do not continue to use it. Disconnect the atomiser from the battery and dry them both out. If you continue to use the battery when wet then it is likely to short which would damage your e-cig and likely break the battery. Worst case scenario is that it could explode, potentially resulting in injury..

E-cigarettes and Heat

Like most things, lithium ion batteries have optimum working parameters; if the conditions are too extreme one way or the other then the battery could break, seize, explode or drastically decrease in performance.

When e-cigarette batteries get too cold the length of battery life decreases, the battery becomes less active and releases far less energy. On the other hand, if the battery gets too warm it becomes more volatile and likely to explode. Manufacture warning labels instruct to keep out of direct sunlight and to store below 40c.There have been cases of batteries exploding, causing fire and injuries where they have malfunctioned through overheating.

E-cigarettes world order

E-cigarettes are not freely available for everyone, some countries have completely banned e-cig sales and advertising. To give you an idea of the current e-cigarette world order, you would firstly have to understand who, and what is behind the tobacco industry and then look at their links with the regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical companies.

Undoubtedly the corporation that will emerge on top will be the one with the best connections and have the strongest ties within the industry. Combine this with the most valuable assets in all three fields: tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry and the regulation industry, then that corporation will hold a vast amount of power and control.

Vaporizing E-meds

Addiction and substances

With the 2016 regulations moving ever closer for the e-cig market and early announcements that e-liquid and vaping products will be regulated as medicines by MHRA and FDA, it is fair to say that both tobacco and e-cig manufacturers are extremely concerned.

The new regulations could see all rights for current e-liquid producers removed and only companies that hold a medical licence able to produce and distribute e-liquid. The result of this could cause leading e-cig brands like V2, VIP, Socialites and Blu to simply disappear, leaving the door open to the existing pharmaceutical corporations to take control of vaporizing E-meds or V-meds (vaporizing medicines)

Regulated medical E-liquid

A medical licence is not an easy thing to obtain and the pharmaceutical industry has one of the toughest regulatory bodies to enforce this. There are already well-established companies that are in favour with current governments and they are among the biggest corporations on the planet, GlaxoSmithKlien and Pfizer to name a couple and would be likely candidates to produce regulated medical E-liquid.

It is very likely that these long-standing well-established companies will take over the production and distribution of e-liquid, and sales by those outside the close-knit industry will be made illegal. Considering the pharmaceutical industries’ overall power it is very unlikely that all existing e-cig brands and tobacco companies will be granted a medial licence to produce e-liquid.

Who will control E-medicine?

The control and management of e-medicine will be a lengthy battle and is likely to be heavily debated and disputed in the courts. Appeal processes and law clarification will take a very long time; during this period e-cig brands will most likely continue business as usual. Inevitably though the pharmaceutical companies will come out on top in the battle of who will control E-medicine.

The plan is to bring out e-liquid with a medicinal applications such as vapable cold and flu syrup, painkillers and aspirin. With the development of these innovative e-meds and e-liquid, and the move towards stringent regulation under medicinal guidelines, it is plain to see where this fledgling industry is heading. Private companies like Alsa Refinish LLC are hoping to tap into the next highly lucrative market by patenting a specific e-smoking device for use as a medical administration device.

A little research shows that Alsa refinish LLC are a paint manufacturing company, evidently hoping to branch out and place their bets on the potential of a booming e-med/v-med industry. It is ridiculous to think that a company of this size, and with their expertise in stark contrast to the medical industry, could ever compete with the likes of the pharmaceutical giants, especially as they currently produce no regulated medicines.

Aiming to patent such a broad field, inclusive of so many possible variations of e-liquid ingredients, flavours, ergonomic design and application, it seems ludicrous to think that a paint manufacturing business believes they could control the manufacturing and distribution of the abundance of products that will be brought to market. I highly doubt they will successfully obtain rights to all manner of e-liquid formulas and device designs, but I guess it’s an ambitious goal and I don’t blame them for trying!


Vaporizers: five reasons why they beat e-cigs

E-cigs better

Vaporizers are here and it looks like they are here to stay. We are entering a time that could see the old fashioned cigarette go extinct. Battery powered vaporizers in their place and less and less people are turning to tobacco. There are a lot of e-cig brands to choose from, Vype, V2, VIP and E-lites are all emerging e-cig brands. The new companies offer a lot of product choice. This gives you options of how you can vape. So what should you choose?

Here as a list of reasons why vaporizers are better than e-cigs. This should give some idea of what to chose when purchasing you first vaping device. It will give you an insight into vaping tools before you buy. You may like to not listen and find out on your own. But what ever.

5. Stealthy vaporizers

Vaporizers come in a range of forms, shaped to look like almost anything.

Vaporizers better

(stealthy vape)

This helps with discreet smoking. It means you sneak a quick vape in places you could not smoke tobacco. As long as there are no cameras to catch you! It will be fine and you won’t get caught. Well I hope you don’t get caught anyway.


4. Better and bigger batteries for vaporizers

Vaporizer batteries last a lot longer than standard e-cig batteries, in some cases up to 5x longer. Some of the bigger batteries can last for days. Bigger vaporizer batteries are not as discreet but they hold a lot of power.

vaporizers better

(Big vaping battery)

You also get a better hit from bigger vaporizer batteries. This gives you more nicotine per puff, so you wont have to smoke it constantly. Smoking an e-cig you have to puff all the time, then the battery over heats. So they are not as good. The batteries also have adjustable voltage, this allows you to play with the amount of smoke inhaled.


It Also means you burn more e-juice per puff but hey it is not expensive if you make your own e-liquid. With more smoke comes more nicotine, the strength of juice you smoke will also go down with a bigger more                                                                  powerful battery. If the juice is too strong you will cough                                                                                      your guts up! You have been warned.

3. More e-juice in vaporizer tanks

Vaporizers can hold much more e-juice than e-cigarettes, so less need to fill up or change the cartridge. Some vaping tanks hold loads of e-liquid up to 20 ml. This is enough to last you a good few days. Must standard vaping tanks hold around 2 ml.

vaporizers better

(Large vaping tank)

A big vaporizer battery can burn this amount in a few hours. The standard batteries make 2 ml last a good few hours and that is constantly puffing. E-cigarettes can last 300-400 puffs, depending on brand. They will only last an hour or to sometimes. This especially when you have just quit tobacco and can’t put your vape down.

2. L.E.D displays on vaping batteries

Some vaporizers come with a built in LED displays which analyses your puffing data and maximises your vaping experience. The tech going into vaporizers now is pretty cool. There are a lot of gadgets on batteries and tanks now that add to the vaping experience.

vaporizers better

(LED display for vaporizer)

Some batteries have temperature gauges and switches that allow you to adjust battery power. This can lengthen the battery life and regulate the amount of nicotine you vape.

1. £ Price £ of vaporizers

Vaporizing and refilling atomizers with e-liquid is cheaper than buying cartridges all the time. My monthly spend on e-juice is a third of what it was when smoking e-cigs. A bit of extra money in your pocket is always a bonus. People have saved up enough to buy a new car with the money thy have saved vaping.

Vaporizer compared to e-cigs are a lot cheaper. E-cigs have to buy expensive refill cartridges, these can cost up to 20.00 for a pack of 5. You can refill e-cig cartridges but that is not advised by the manufacturers, HA I wonder why.


5 Advantages e-liquid

advantages e-liquid

Here are 5 advantages e-liquid has over tobacco. I will outline the advantages e-liquid has compared to the dirty weed. Tobacco has been around for hundreds of years and has been linked to deaths of millions of people. So it about time a new healthier alternative other than quitting came along to improve the health of the people. Nicotine is the addictive chemical in tobacco that people crave. It stimulates the brain receptors and releases endorphin’s, the brain gets used to the buzz and when you stop your brain goes crazy.

E-liquid gives your brain nicotine and it’ also a similar action to smoking. This makes it easier to quit smoking and nicotine free of e-liquid helps quit the nicotine addiction. Quit once and for all!

5. E-liquid flavors

E-liquid comes in a number of flavors, these flavors enhance the vaping experience and leave a pleasant taste in the mouth. There are so many flavors of e-liquid to choose from. Whether you like the taste of tobacco or want to mix things up with a fruity flavor. The choice is yours and there is plenty to choose from.

4. No yellow fingers with E-liquid

When e-juice is vaped fingers are left clean from yellowy brown nicotine stains associated with tobacco smoking advantages e-liquid. It was a disgusting by product of smoking tobacco, dirty yellow stained fingers. Especially if you were a heavy tobacco smoker. Tobacco would not just stain your fingers it would stain your teeth, mouth and nose. Disgusting!

3. The odor E-liquid

E-liquid produces little or no odor during vaporization, the only odor produced is generally pleasant and comes from the flavorings. It does not have the fowl stench of cigarette smoke, advantages e-liquid! You can get away vaping almost anywhere if you are discreet. If smoking tobacco you can smell it from 50 meters away. Smoking tobacco is smelly and hard to do discreetly.

2. Price advantages E-liquid

E-liquid is cheaper than tobacco: 20 Benson and Hedges are more than £9 a pack, around 45 p per cigarette. 30 ml of e-liquid is about the same price but can last 2-3 weeks advantage e-liquid. You can make your own e-liquid at a fraction of the price it is sold for in the shops as well. If you buy the raw ingredients you can make a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid very cheap. There are only 3 ingredients in E-liquid, minus the flavorings. The ingredients are propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine.

1. No Nasty Toxins in E-liquid!

When e-liquid is vaped you don’t get any of the toxins associated with smoking cigarettes, that means no tar! No carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide! No lead and no arsenic! The latest expert advice on vaporizing is that they up to 95% safer than smoking tobacco. If you are a smoker you would be stupid not to switch to vaporizing. There are plenty of advantages e-liquid has compared to tobacco and probably more than I have outlined.




Vaporizing Times is an informative guide into the world of vaping covering a range of vaped products including nicotine, cannabis and alcohol. These substances are discussed, explained and reviewed.

Which way forthcoming EU and American regulations will force the industry. Explanation of why and how vaporizing products might be required to change following the new legislation.

Vaping planned obsolescence

Overview of the planned obsolescence business model adopted by emerging vaporizing brands. Non-recyclable e-smoking paraphernalia; environmental, social and financial impact of this new industry. As well as looking at the environmental impact of E-smoking. Potentially the e-smoking industry will will create thousands of tons of waste. The waste will include plastics and non re-recyclable metals. There will also be a huge amount of lithium from the spent batteries. Lithium is toxic and very bad for nature.

History of tobacco and nicotine

A look at the history of tobacco and nicotine extraction. Discussing the health effects and toxicity of vaporized products. Research into safety and other possible medicinal uses for vaporizers. Medicines can potentially be vaporized and inhaled. This opens up new areas of research including nano science and cancer treatment.

Cheap vaping

Vaporizing Times will also show a cheaper way to vape, how o make your own e-liquid and vaporizers. How to make your own mods and add-on’s. As well a showing you how to make alcohol vaporizers and marijuana vaporizers. We will at all times try and save you money and open source as much information as possible. In a hope that you will pass on this information, so that we can take on the big companies!

Vaping regulations

Vaporizing Times will reveal the corporations that have their tentacles wrapped around this lucrative form of drug dependency and touch upon how this might steer planned regulations in 2016. It is a sure thing that where ever an industry generates large sums of money the big multi-nationals will follow. This will potentially inflate e-liquid prices and drive out small producers. Especially if new regulations  and laws are passed to control production.

Vaping overview

Vaporizing Times aims to keep its readers ahead of the game regarding what’s happening in the vaping world. Products will be reviewed and honest advice will be given regarding the products safety and appearance.



E-cigs Safety information

E-cigs safety e-liquid in mouth

E-cigs safety info:

WARNINGS: May contain traces of nuts e-cigs safety. Toxic if swallowed. Very toxic if in contact with skin . Keep locked up and out of the way of children. In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately.

Above is the standard warning label or allergy advice on one of the most popular electronic smoking brands VIP. I would like to point out several points after the obligatory may contain traces of nuts message. TOXIC if swallowed and VERY TOXIC if it comes in contact with skin! Other safety info instructs the user to wear gloves when re-filling the e-liquid. Also if any liquid spills on to your clothes take them off and wash immediately!

It’s clear that we are not supposed, under any circumstances, to get e-liquid on our skin or to ingest it. Unless it is vaporized by a vaporizer. The question is why are cheap non-recyclable products coming on to the market that are unregulated? The products are unreliable and often leak TOXIC liquid. The answer being quite obvious: profit driven corporations.

How much nicotine does it take to kill?

The amount of nicotine that it takes to kill a human varies between individuals; height, weight and age all play a factor, as does the way the nicotine enters the body. Through fatal incidents and human experimentation, the believed fatal dose is around 30-60 mg. Or roughly the amount contained in 2 cigarettes.

Which causes great concern as poorly manufactured “cheap” products often leak liquid on to the skin. I myself have experienced problems with e-cigs safety. Appollo e-cigs caused blisters on my lips. Sometimes the liquid would come through un-vaporized and go into my mouth. I experienced chest pains also maybe from over use, it is hard to quit tobacco. So ended up using the e-cig a lot.

When the level of nicotine in the blood stream rises to dangerous levels the body goes into toxic shock. This not to be confused with toxic shock syndrome. This can cause a number of symptoms and range from nausea to numb limbs. Nicotine poisoning can occur in a variety of ways. Over consumption of e-liquid is a growing concern. Nicotine poisoning incidents are likely to rise accordingly as the number of new electronic smokers increases.

Regulating e-liquid consumption

Over consumption of e-juice is something that is troubling the regulatory bodies and finding a way to limit an individuals consumption is something at the forefront of their discussions. The FDA and MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). They are talking about regulating nicotine consumption and this may lead to product changes.

Vaping products are being changed and released before upcoming regulation in 2016. This in an attempt to stay strong in the market and prove they are worthy of a medical licence. They will need a medicinal licence post 2016 in order to produce e-smoking related products.


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