E-cigarettes: a revolutionary evolution in nicotine delivery. E-cigs are used to vaporize e-nicotine which has far lower associated health risks than that of tobacco. The self-contained e-cig comprises of two parts: the battery and the atomizer. The atomizer contains the e-liquid which in turn contains the nicotine and is generally screwed onto the battery.

When the e-cigarette is puffed a censor activates the hot plate, heating a shot of liquid to vaporizing temperature. The exact temperature that e-liquid vaporizes at varies depending on the specific brand and recipe. Once the vaporized e-liquid is inhaled, the nicotine mostly enters the bloodstream via the cheeks and mouth and less through the lungs like the nicotine in tobacco smoke.

E-cigarettes are becoming more widely used and commonplace in society, particularly amongst younger generations. As the industry develops, so does the language coined to describe it. Cig-a-like or cigalike, e-cig, and e-cigarette are all terms used to describe an electronic cigarette.

Rechargeable E-cigarette

Most e-cigs are rechargeable, they have a limited battery life. The length of time that a battery will last depends on how much it is used as well as the make of e-cigarette components. Some e-cig batteries do not work well in cold temperatures, with a fully charged lithium battery only lasting a few minutes in freezing conditions. Rechargeable e-cigarettes have their advantages and disadvantages both of which need to be thought through.

Portable e-cigarette charger

Charge your e-cig on the go with portable cigarette charger and e-cig docking stations. These devices enable multiple battery charges away from mains electricity supply. Some portable chargers also double as a cigarette packet, giving it that authentic look and making it easy to switch away from tobacco.

Solar E-cigarette charger

Even if you are miles from any source of main grid electricity, solar e-cigarette chargers allow you to carry on vaping. With a small amount of solar energy you can charge e-cigs anywhere. All you need is a relatively sunny day to make the most of a solar charger, and depending on the brand of charger you have, you will be able to charge enough batteries to last you through the night.

Disposing of E-cigarette batteries

Used e-cigarette batteries are a danger and should be disposed of correctly. So when disposing of e-cigarette batteries always be careful not to put them where they can be crushed, if they are crushed they can leak and cause a fire.

Pay attention to the damage that batteries can have on our environment both to humans and wildlife, batteries are very toxic to our environment and lithium ion batteries are no exception. If too many of these chemicals get into the ground and water systems it will have a major effect on both our health and the environment.

Dispose of batteries properly by using battery recycling points or sending the used batteries back to the supplier for them to dispose of on your behalf.

E-cigarettes and Water

E-cigarettes and water do not go! They do not like each other and are best kept apart. If your e-cig becomes wet do not continue to use it. Disconnect the atomiser from the battery and dry them both out. If you continue to use the battery when wet then it is likely to short which would damage your e-cig and likely break the battery. Worst case scenario is that it could explode, potentially resulting in injury..

E-cigarettes and Heat

Like most things, lithium ion batteries have optimum working parameters; if the conditions are too extreme one way or the other then the battery could break, seize, explode or drastically decrease in performance.

When e-cigarette batteries get too cold the length of battery life decreases, the battery becomes less active and releases far less energy. On the other hand, if the battery gets too warm it becomes more volatile and likely to explode. Manufacture warning labels instruct to keep out of direct sunlight and to store below 40c.There have been cases of batteries exploding, causing fire and injuries where they have malfunctioned through overheating.

E-cigarettes world order

E-cigarettes are not freely available for everyone, some countries have completely banned e-cig sales and advertising. To give you an idea of the current e-cigarette world order, you would firstly have to understand who, and what is behind the tobacco industry and then look at their links with the regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical companies.

Undoubtedly the corporation that will emerge on top will be the one with the best connections and have the strongest ties within the industry. Combine this with the most valuable assets in all three fields: tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry and the regulation industry, then that corporation will hold a vast amount of power and control.

10 Reasons why vaping e-liquid is better than smoking tobacco.

10. Online sales

You can order all of your smoking paraphernalia online strait to your door.

9. Stealth

You can smoke your vaporizing stealthily in work or public places. (beware of CCTV)

8. No more standing outside

No need to stand outside at family gatherings puffing on a cigarette.

7. Smoking in public?

Smoking on trains planes and buses is made more possible but probably not legal, (no laws have yet been passed specifically for vaping).

6. Lasts longer

e-liquid lasts up to 5x  longer than a packet of smokes.

5. Almost unlimited puffing

Lithium-ion batteries last for days before they need recharging.

4. No flame

No need for a lighter or matches.

3. Improved health

Your lungs and skin start to feel better and healthier, after stopping smoking tobacco for some time.

2. Cheap Cheap Cheap

E-smoking is cheaper by far! with cheap online products you can stock up for at least 3 months for less than £100. Smoking tobacco for the same period on 20 cigarettes a day would be over £550 at roughly £6 a day.

1. No bad smell!

Your mum and girlfriends stop moaning about the smell. Your clothes stay fresh and don’t stink of smoke, No more yellow fingers, or smelly hair and no more tar on your lips.

What is E-liquid?

E-liquid, e-juice or liquid nicotine refers to a substance that can be heated and vaporized ready for inhalation. The e-juice ingredients generally consist of propylene glycol (Pg), polyethylene glycol 400 (P400), glycerine (G) and nicotine, varying amounts of alcohol can also added to the e-liquid solution. The alcohol is added as a thinning agent and helps with vaporization.

Flavouring liquid nicotine

As well as the basic ingredients above, a diverse range of flavourings can be used to enhance the taste of vaping. However, some of the chemicals used as flavouring additives have been linked to illness. The butterscotch VIP liquid had to be recalled and destroyed following findings that it was linked to lung disease. Some online retailers are boasting over 300 different e-juice flavours. Trials are under way to see what happens when these additives are heated and vaped.

E-liquid concentration

The amount of nicotine in e-juice is variable, ranging from no nicotine at all up to 36mg. Unregulated production of liquid nicotine is causing fluctuations in the nicotine content of e-liquid, this leaves consumers unaware of the exact quantity of nicotine in the products. Not all the vaporized nicotine is absorbed by the body.

Absorbing vaporized nicotine

When the e-liquid is heated to around 60c by the lithium-ion battery, the active ingredients (PG), (P400), (G) and Nicotine are vaporized and they produce a mist that looks like cigarette smoke but with none of the harmful compounds associated with tobacco. On inhalation, the nicotine is absorbed into to the body through the walls of the lungs.

Not all the nicotine is absorbed by the body; the amount of nicotine that gets into the bloodstream when vaping varies. Research found that between 5% to 40% of the nicotine content is absorbed through the cell walls, the remainder is exhaled. The amount of nicotine ingested differs from person to person, dependant on age, health of lungs and the circulatory system.

These findings indicate a higher absorption rate than that of smoking tobacco. It is estimated that between 1% and 15% of nicotine from a cigarette is taken in by the body when smoked.

The higher nicotine absorption rate linked to vaporizing is caused by the chemical make-up of the vapour and vaping process itself. E-liquid enters the throat at a cooler temperature than that of tobacco smoke, it leaves a fine vapour coating all the way through the lungs right down to the Alveoli. This allows more nicotine to enter the blood and stimulate the user.