Electronic marijuana vaporizer

marijuana vaporizer

The electronic marijuana vaporizer has taken getting stoned to new highs! It is better for you, you get more out of the weed and there is no combustion! It is the combustion or burning factor that is a danger to cannabis smokers. When weed or tobacco is burned it produces several known carcinogens. This is bad and can cause cancer! The traditional ways of smoking weed (joint, bong, chillum etc) are outdated although they are still preferred by most potheads! But they are bad for you! Ahh but what is bad for you these days right?


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The electronic marijuana vaporizer is more expensive than buying papers or a bong but the health benefits out weight the cost for sure. Plus vaping is new people have been smoking weed for years lets change things up a bit and bring weed into the future.

Can we be sure electronic marijuana vaporizers are better?

That is a tough question as research has lead people to believe, vaping either cannabis or e-liquid is a “healthier” option compared to its combusting counterpart. No burning means none of the crappy carbons or toxic stuff is released and absorbed through the lungs or skin. So if you vape it it’s healthy right?

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vaporizing kit

Well i’m not sure as there is plenty of evidence that suggests smoking weed is bad for you what ever way you do it! Mental illness links mainly. Cannabis is a kind of sedative it does effectively the same thing as many pharmaceutically made drugs like Vallium.

Cannabis is natural though so why make stuff that exists in nature? Ah it is a massive argument and way to in depth to get into but we can not be 100% sure that vaping is better for you. As we can’t be sure that the drugs doctors give us are safe. A lot of prescribed meds are known to have serious side effects. So it’s best to make your own mind up instead of listening to what people have to say I reckon.

Electronic marijuana vaporizer safety issues

Safety concerns with electronic cannabis vaporizers range from self com-busting vaporizers. Right through to battery ions bonding to the T.H.C. particles, resulting in weird lung and skin mutations. The period of time this has been studied for is very short. This means there is no long-term accurate data.

Electronic marijuana vaporizer have been know to self combust.  There was an incident in Texas where a young man was driving down the freeway with a vape in his pocket. He had some other stuff in his pocket which activated the heat switch. The dude set fire to his trousers and car seat. By the time he was able to stop and pull over he had 3rd degree burns to his legs. He spent three weeks in hospital recovering but they couldn’t stop his johnson falling off. In regards battery ions bonding with the T.H.C. and causing mutations. There is no substantial evidence to back this up and only a few cases have been investigated.



DIY vaporizer

battery, atomizer, vaporizing hash, DIY vaporizer

Make a DIY vaporizer

Making your own DIY vaporizer is quite complicated – you need a power source, electrical wire, a hot plate or atomiser and a way to inhale the vaped substance. A pipe or something will do to vape. In all honesty if you are planning to vape cannabis or e-liquid you would be much better off buying a cheap vaporizer and using that instead of potentially wasting your bud.

If making a fully working DIY vaporizer is seeming a bit too complicated, there are easier ways. Unless of course you are a techy person and fancy taking a toaster apart and using the heating elements; it’s up to you.

You can vape cannabis resin and bud using a cheap standard e-liquid vaporizer, weed is not the only substance you can vape. It’s a case of trial and error really to learn which other substances you can vape (you might break a vaporizer or two in the process – be warned).

Homemade weed vaporizer

Well, the best way to vape weed is obviously through a custom made product, there are many vaporizers to choose from on the market. The Herbalizer and Volcano vaporizer to name a couple, but these products are expensive, often way over $100.

A cheaper alternative is to use an e-liquid kit.

DIY vaporizer, battery, atomizer, vaporizing hash

vaporizing kit

Above are the standard components to vape e-liquid, but you can also use these to vape hash and weed. Make sure there is no e-liquid in the vaping chamber, then put the weed or hash directly onto the hot-plate located on the top of the lithium battery.

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heat hash on lithium battery

So you simply put the weed or hash on the hotplate (the part that the battery heats), then screw the inhalator back on. Once the components are assembled hit the power on the battery and start heating. It takes a while to vaporize so keep the button down. After a few seconds heating you should be able to inhale the vapor and get high!

Homemade vaporizer warnings

When using any electrical equipment there is always danger involved. If you start dismantling household items to make a homemade vaporizer then there is risk involved, electrocution and fire are possible. The safest way to vaporize hash and weed is with specifically made device. The second and cheapest way is to use an e-liquid vaporizer and put hash or weed in it. When vaping hash and weed through an e-liquid inhaler be careful that the battery doesn’t over heat. This could cause the battery to explode and cause injury.

Every time you vape hash or weed through an e-liquid inhaler you should clean it out properly. Using weed or hash in an e-liquid vaporizer will damage the product as they were intended for e-liquid use only.

Vaping hash oil

You should not vape hash oil through an e-liquid vaporizer! It will only work a couple of times before the hotplate is covered and no longer works. The best thing to use is weed or pollen as it doesn’t tend to stick to the hotplate as much. Weed and pollen are easier to clean out of the vaporizer.

E-liquid vaporizers were not intended for this purpose it is possible to vape other substances through them. On some devices you can turn the power and temperature up; these are the best to use if you want to do a cheaper DIY vaporizer.