Alcohol e-cig

alcohol e-cig

Alcohol e-cig?

The alcohol e-cig is a possibility, allowing the user to vape alcohol instead of e-juice. The smoking cartridge or cartomiser that usually contains smoking juice, would contain high proof alcohol such as vodka or even stronger – maybe absinthe. The vaporizer may need to be adapted slightly, although it still may be possible using traditional electronic smoking equipment. It depends if the battery heats the alcohol to at least 173.1°F (78.37°C) where the magic vaporization happens. If the alcohol reaches this temperature then vapor is produced which you can inhale. You can check out the output of your battery here to see if it will work.

Putting alcohol in an e-cig

If you put alcohol in an e-cig to make an alcohol e-cig it is likely to damage the e-cigarette, maybe beyond repair and would for sure render any guarantee the device has useless. If you do decide to try it then it best to drip the alcohol in via a syringe or pipette, this lessens the chances of accidents. Remember alcohol is flammable and if you heat it the alcohol becomes more volatile and more likely to ignite!

Although it is unlikely that an alcohol e-cig will be able to ignite the alcohol alone.

Can you vape alcohol

Can you vape alcohol? The simple answer is yes you can vape alcohol. There are several methods of vaping alcohol, the pressure method and the heating method. Both ways allow you to vape the alcohol contained with in most high strength spirits. There are dangers to vaping alcohol and overdosing is a concern. Your body has no way to eject vaped alcohol, so take care if you decide to use either method as there has been reported fatalities due to vaping shots.

Alcohol in e-juice?

Along with propylene glycol and nicotine, alcohol is often added to e-liquid as a thinning agent. Theoretically adding high proof alcohol to a vaping device to make an alcohol e-cig shouldn’t harm you or the equipment. The amount of alcohol used to thin e-liquid is very small, nowhere near enough to get you drunk. This doesn’t mean that if you add neat vodka to a e-cig that it will work! It depends on the make and model of the device and I guess luck and maybe a little judgment.

Can you vape vodka?

Yes you can vape vodka, vodka is a high strength alcohol and is easily vaporized. You can vaporize vodka by using the pressure or heat method of vaping. Either way will give you the desired effect of vaping vodka. The same safety precautions should be taken though when vaping vodka, it is the same as drinking vodka, if you drink too much too quickly then it could be fatal. The only thing is when you vape vodka the alcohol has no way to leave your body quickly and vaping too much vodka can do permanent damage or even be fatal.

Can you put alcohol in a vape?

Can you put alcohol in a vape, yes you can. Does putting alcohol in a vape work though? Well I have tried and had mixed results from experimenting with putting alcohol in my vape. Sometimes it seemed to have worked, well I thought I could taste the alcohol through the vape juice but I could not be sure that I actually vaped alcohol and didn’t get drunk.

I recommend using a neutral vape juice with no flavour or nicotine if you are going to try and mix alcohol with vape juice, this way there are less factors that will effect the end vaping experience.

Can you put alcohol strait into your vape? I tried this also and several times my vape stopped working, so I guess I broke it. I only tried with a small disposable lithium battery and did not have much success, if you were to try with a bigger more powerful battery you may get different results. Vodka or other alcohol seems to be harder to heat up and vaporize compared to e liquid. I think it needs a more sustained heat source and a battery just doesn’t seem to be up to it.

E juice that gets you drunk

As far as my knowledge goes there is no e juice that gets you drunk. E juice however sometimes contains small amounts of alcohol and this is used as a thinning agent. There will certainly not be enough in the e liquid to get you drunk. You would have to vape about 30 bottles of 10 ml juice to get about half a shots worth of alcohol and by the time you had vaped 30 bottles the first bit would have worn off. Just don’t try it. There is absolutely no point, try putting a little alcohol in your vape and see what happens. You stand more chance of getting drunk that way or at least something happening. (Act on advice at your own will, I hold no responsibility for your actions and advice was meant in jest)

Alcohol vape pen

Alcohol vape pen? The trouble is with most “vape pens” they take cartridges and getting any alcohol into an open cartridge is difficult. You would have to use a syringe to inject the cartridge or something to get only a small amount in. This would probably have no effect, so there is no point in trying alcohol vape pen. There is sometimes a small amount of alcohol in vape pen juice but it is just used as a thinner to make the juice more viscous. However I have heard that the small amount of alcohol in vape juice has been enough to trigger a relapse in recovering alcoholics. It is said that the smallest amount of alcohol consumption by a recovering alcoholic is enough for them to revert back to their addiction. So please be wary of this and always check the ingredients of the vape juice as a precaution to consuming alcohol.

Dangers of alcohol e-cigs

Of course there are dangers involved if you put alcohol in an e-cig to make an alcohol e-cig! The device could ignite causing a fire or burns. Alcohol is very flammable especially in a vaporized form, a small spark could ignite the vapor resulting in a fire. The danger of alcohol poisoning is a major concern. Poisoning can easily occur when vaping alcohol. The body can’t reject the alcohol, i.e. if you vape too much you can’t regurgitate the excess alcohol. This can cause serious harm and can even be fatal. So take care and any advice given in this article is acted upon with your own discretion. Vaporizing times advises you not to vape alcohol in any form.


Beer can alcohol vaporizer

empty beer can alcohol vaporizer

The beer can alcohol vaporizer is the easiest way to vape alcohol, simply using an empty beer can or an empty bottle, a straw, strong alcohol, and a heat source.

All you have to do is add a shot or two of high proof spirit to the beer can, then hold the beer can alcohol vaporizer over a flame, stove, candle or lighter- being careful not to burn yourself. Heat the alcohol to 78c/173f and inhale using the straw.

Alcohol vaporizer or vaping alcohol from a beer can is potentially dangerous. Be careful not to put the straw into the liquid alcohol; just inhale the vapour that has collected in the can. This is by far the easiest home-made alcohol vaporizer and vaping alcohol from a beer can is common at parties.

Alcohol vaporizer dangers

Remember that alcohol is highly flammable and only needs to be heated to 78c/173f in order to vaporize. If the alcohol is heated too rapidly the vapour will escape and evaporate into the air, it could ignite causing a flame ball or explosion, so take care using the beer can vape method.

Be aware that vaping spirits can lead to alcohol poisoning, the alcohol goes straight into the bloodstream and is not processed by the liver or stomach. Once you have vaped the alcohol there is no going back – it is in the blood. If you vape too much alcohol you can go blind or the liver can fail and cause death, so take care.

When you drink too much alcohol your body gets a chance to process the liquid, if poisoning occurs this way then we all know that it’s regurgitated. When vaped, alcohol will not be regurgitated as it does not pass directly through the stomach!

Any information given in this post is acted upon at your own discretion – takes no responsibility for the actions of others and highly recommends that you do not use an alcohol vaporizer in any way and realise beercan vaping is dangerous.

Just drink the ‘old fashioned’ way!

D.I.Y Alcohol Vaporizer

Vaporizing alcohol is a fairly new form of alcohol administration; it involves heating the alcohol until it begins to evaporate at around 78 Celsius or 173 Fahrenheit. When the alcohol reaches this temperature, vaporization occurs. D.I.Y alcohol vaporizers do exactly this. Ethanol, which is the type alcohol contained in most alcoholic beverages, is released as a vapor. Ethanol is produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeast and is basically the stuff that gets you drunk.

Home-made Alcohol Vaporizers

There are products on the market already that are specifically designed to vaporize alcohol: the Vape shot and Vaportini to name a couple. These products are custom made to heat and release alcohol as a vapor ready for inhalation. They are pretty novel at parties and make for some great fun. The Vaportini is a very simple design. It consists of a pint glass, a glass condensing globe and a heat source (e.g. a tea light or candle). They are very reasonably priced and probably safer than making your own. They make pretty good gifts and can be lot’s of fun if used properly. You can replicate the Vaportini and its components in the method shown below.

However, you can quite easily make a D.I.Y alcohol vaporizer at home – all you need is: a glass(preferably a pint glass), a tea light candle, a knife or fork, a straw, a jam jar and something to make a hole in the top of the jam jar lid. Oh and alcohol of course! Something strong – I like to use vodka or a nice white rum personally. If this is to complicated see the beer can vaporizer its by far the quickest and easiest method.

Although making an alcohol vaporizer is cheap and pretty easy to do with things you have lying around the house, it really makes sense if you have a spare 50 bucks just to order direct from Vaportini. At least this way you know 100% you are gonna end up with a product that works and is designed to do the job. Please note I am not affiliated with Vaportini in any way, I do not work for them and I think if you have the practical skill you can easily improvise a device to vape alcohol. Vaporizing times is not currently monetized in anyway. If you want to buy a Vaportini click the pic below.


vaportini pieces

Vaportini components. What you need to make a Vaporitini.

6 Steps to make an alcohol vaporizer

Step 1: Make a hole in the jam jar lid, just big enough for the straw to fit through.
Step 2: Put a shot or two of alcohol in the jam jar.
Step 3: Put the jam jar lid back on the jam jar.
Step 4: Light the tea light and place at the bottom of the pint glass.
Step 5: Put the knife or fork inside the pint glass and insert the alcohol filled jam jar in to the pint glass. (The knife allows air to be pulled in to keep the candle burning).
Step 6: Heat to around 78c/173f or until you can see the vapor forming in the jar and inhale.

It is important that you make the hole in the jam jar lid before heating, otherwise it could explode! Remember alcohol is very flammable.

If you want an easier method just put some alcohol in an empty beer bottle or beer can. Heat the beer can or bottle until you see vapor, then stick a straw in and suck the vaporized alcohol up. Don’t drink too much as alcohol poisoning can be very serious!

How to inhale alcohol vapor

To inhale the alcohol vapor is very simple, you inhale the alcohol through a straw once the vapor has been formed. The Vaportini comes with a glass straw because if you use a cheap plastic straw it may melt. To inhale the alcohol vapor simply poke the straw into the alcohol vapors and draw in as much as you want. You can tell when the alcohol vapor is ready to inhale; as you will see it start to re-condense on the sides of the glass that the vapor is formed in. Take care though inhaling alcohol can be dangerous, the dangers of inhaling alcohol are outlined in the next paragraph.

Vaping alcohol hazards!

FIRE!!! If you have a bunch of drunk people inhaling alcohol vapor over a naked flame, you don’t have to be that smart to realize that it could be dangerous. A nudge from a friend or passing out during inhalation of the alcohol vapour could lead to serious burns. The danger is enhanced as ethanol’s flame is almost invisible in bright natural light but if its dark you will clearly see your friends face on fire!

If you are going to try and vape alcohol be careful! Even if you have spent money on buying an alcohol vape or made your own alcohol vaporizer. I guess though it is the risk you take if you wan’t to try and vape alcohol, you should realize that their are risks and not only from burns.

Alcohol vape poisoning

If you vape to much alcohol quite simply you will die. Alcohol poisoning occurs when you consume too much alcohol. If you drink too much alcohol your body has a way to cope with this and I am sure most of you are familiar with it, simply you throw up. However this is not fool proof and if you drink too much alcohol you can still die. There are also other ways you can die, choking on you own vomit or an accident related to being so out of control of your body are other ways.

The thing is, when you vape alcohol your body can not regurgitate the inhaled alcohol, as it by-passes your stomach. This can easily lead to some form of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is not always deadly but it can damage your body in various ways. Alcohol poisoning has a detrimental affect on your liver, kidneys,stomach,brain and eyes to name a few and no long term research has been carried out to the affect it has on your lungs when inhaled. So basically alcohol poisoning is pretty bad for all of your vital organs and no one knows what will happen long term if you vape alcohol.

Please note this is just a guide on how to vape alcohol and what you should be aware of if you are going to try and make an alcohol vaporizer. Vaporizing times holds no responsibility for your actions and any advice or information acted upon in this article is at your own discretion.

Vaping alcohol 5 reasons why it rocks!

vaping alcohol

Vaping alcohol is a fairly new way to consume alcohol. To vape alcohol you have to heat an alcoholic beverage until the alcohol vapour is released, 173 F or 78.5 c is when the alcohol evaporates. You then have to condense the vapour, like in the glass orb of the Vaportini.

There are dangers when vaping alcohol and a serious risk of an overdose. When you vape alcohol the alcohol bypasses you internal organs like stomach and liver. It enters you bloodstream without any filtration. It gets you drunk and if you inhale too much then you could die. Alcohol is a poison after all.

Below are a reason of why vaping alcohol rocks and why if used responsibly it can be great fun.

5. Different buzz when vaping alcohol

Most of us have been drunk at some point in our lives, some more than others. We know the effect alcohol has on us. Vaporizing alcohol somehow offers a different higher buzz compared to drinking. This is because of how it’s absorbed by the body differently? Or is just because it hits you quicker?

4. Vaping alcohol is unique

Everybody wants to be different and seen to be doing the latest, newest, unique thing – especially on the party scene. Vaping spirits covers all of these and more. New trends are hard to come by. Especially when they are attatched to old tradition like drinking alcohol. People are hard to change and get stuck in their ways, don’t be one of those people.

3. Vaping alcohol is fun!

Drinking alcohol can be boring and depressing with deep-rooted stigmas attached. Vaporizing alcohol offers a new fun revolutionary way of consuming your favorite liquor. Everyone always says it is good to try new things, so why not?

2. No impurities when vaping alcohol

With any alcohol production there is an element of impurity: by-products from the manufacturing process, insects and plant life. Vaporizing alcohol removes the impurities and provides a clean and crisp shot of alcohol mist. This offers a refreshing new way to experience and old buzz.

1. No calories when vaping alcohol

Alcohol is extremely calorific and is often attributed to weight gain, especially when a person exceeds their recommended daily allowance (RDA). When alcohol is vaped, next to no calories go into the body. This means that the vaped Martini at lunch will not have to be burnt off in the gym.

If you want to make a home made alcohol vaporizer or the quickest way is the beercan vaporizer.

Above are five reasons why I think vaping alcohol rocks. It is only my opinion and I like to vape alcohol mainly because I am worried about getting fat. Remember though there are dangers involved with vaping alcohol, it is quite easy to give yourself alcohol poisoning as the alcohol is not processed the same as when it is drunk. When vaping alcohol the alcohol is not process by the liver so it goes straight into your bloodstream, this method of delivery gives you no chance of puking up excess alcohol and can quite easily lead to poisoning. It is not advised when vaping alcohol to vape large quantities, a couple of shots is all you need.

5 reasons why vaping alcohol is dumb

5. Alcoholism

Vaping alcohol can be done quickly and discretely, people that have an alcohol addiction could use this to aid their habit. Plus the fact that it is quite easy to give yourself alcohol poisoning as vaping alcohol bypasses the bodies natural filtration system i.e. the stomach and liver which can result in poisoning, if too much alcohol is vaped. If too much is vaped the bodies natural defence to alcohol poisoning “puking up” does not occur as the alcohol is not enter the stomach.

4. Not the same sensation

When alcohol is vaped you get very little of the depth of flavour and nowhere near the same sensations on the lips or mouth; I would much prefer to sip a nice malt whiskey.

3. Driving

People could use the alcohol vaporizer whilst driving a vehicle and any onlookers would assume they were smoking an e-shisha or e-cigarette vaporizer.

2. No nostalgia

The nostalgia attached to drinking alcohol is deep-rooted in many cultures, from the solitary drowning of one’s sorrows to the collective wetting of a baby’s head. Can you imagine a toast with vaped champagne?

1. Weakened effect

In many vaporizing forums people who have tried vaporized alcohol (myself included), have noticed that it did not have the same effect as drinking alcohol. You got a little drunk but not the same as a shot of vodka, with none of the glass chinking and spilled liquid associated with a good drinking session.

If vaping alcohol still seems like a good idea and you want to give it a try check out these easy to follow home made alcohol vaporizers, D.I.Y. alcohol vaporizer or the easiest method the beer can vaporizer. These are two quick and easy methods that allow you to vape alcohol using common household equipment. Pay attention to the warnings given in this post as vaping alcohol can be quite dangerous if to much is consumed as well as the risk of fire and or burns.

Vaporizing terminology


To vape, or vaping, refers to the action of inhaling vaporized substances from an electronic smoking device. Vaped substances include e-liquid,nicotine, alcohol,cannabis and medicines. Vaping is a relatively new term and has been short listed for word of the year 2014.


E-cig is short for electronic cigarette, an electronic cigarette is a small battery powered vaping device.


A term used to describe an electronic cigarette, ‘cigalike’ is an amalgamation of two words: cigarette and like. It has been coined due to an e-cig’s similar appearance to that of a traditional tobacco cigarette.


V-meds is an abbreviation, V: vaporizing and meds: is short for medicine, v-medication is a treatment for medical conditions. It is a way to administer medicine to treat symptoms like flu and headaches.


E-meds is an abbreviation, E: electronic and meds: is short for medicine.

Why is it called a ‘vape pen’?

The term ‘vape pen’ was coined due to a vaporizers similar appearance to a pen. Some vaporizers double up as a writing instrument and also have clips that you can attach to shirt pockets. The aesthetic similarity inspired the name.

What is a cartomizer/cartomiser?

A cartomizer (US) or cartomiser (UK) is a small detachable component of an electric cigarette. They are designed to look like a typical cigarette filter. The cartomizer/cartomiser is the piece that contains the e-liquid. It is the mouth part of the e-cig which you inhale the vapour through.

What is an atomizer/atomiser?

An atomizer/atomiser (US/UK) is a device that is used to emit the e-liquid as a fine spray or mist. The atomizer/atomiser is heated by the battery and on contact with e-liquid it almost instantly vaporizes the juice, producing a cloud of vapour that is inhaled into the lungs of the user.

What is a clearomizer/clearomiser?

A clearomizer (US) clearomiser (UK) is another term for the atomizer. It is the component that holds the e-liquid and is heated by the battery – this is the part that the vapour is inhaled through. It was given its name due to its transparency, this transparency allows the user to visualise the e-liquid and monitor the amount of liquid vaped or indicate when the device needs refilling.

What is an e-pipe?

E-pipes are just another form of vaporizer, they are styled to look like traditional tobacco pipes right down to the glowing tobacco heap. The e-pipe is a clear example of how e-smoking is looking to appeal to all forms of tobacco smokers.

What is a cannabis vaporiser?

A cannabis vaporizer is a device which allows the user to vape cannabis instead of smoking or burning it. Vaping cannabis is seen as a healthier option as not so many of the harmful by-products are inhaled. There is no need for tobacco when cannabis is vaporized.

Can you vaporize alcohol?

Yes you can vaporize alcohol and there are specific alcohol vaporizer out there to buy. The alcohol you vape has to be strong, you wont get a good hit off a Budweiser! The actual effect of vaping alcohol is under scrutiny, lots of users tried vaping alcohol but the general opinion was that they didn’t get as drunk compared to drinking. However, if you are concerned about the amount of calories in alcohol then vaporizing could be a good alternative as the process reduces the amount of calories absorbed by the body. You could say that vaping alcohol is better for your waistline.