Beer can alcohol vaporizer

empty beer can alcohol vaporizer

The beer can alcohol vaporizer is the easiest way to vape alcohol, simply using an empty beer can or an empty bottle, a straw, strong alcohol, and a heat source.

All you have to do is add a shot or two of high proof spirit to the beer can, then hold the beer can alcohol vaporizer over a flame, stove, candle or lighter- being careful not to burn yourself. Heat the alcohol to 78c/173f and inhale using the straw.

Alcohol vaporizer or vaping alcohol from a beer can is potentially dangerous. Be careful not to put the straw into the liquid alcohol; just inhale the vapour that has collected in the can. This is by far the easiest home-made alcohol vaporizer and vaping alcohol from a beer can is common at parties.

Alcohol vaporizer dangers

Remember that alcohol is highly flammable and only needs to be heated to 78c/173f in order to vaporize. If the alcohol is heated too rapidly the vapour will escape and evaporate into the air, it could ignite causing a flame ball or explosion, so take care using the beer can vape method.

Be aware that vaping spirits can lead to alcohol poisoning, the alcohol goes straight into the bloodstream and is not processed by the liver or stomach. Once you have vaped the alcohol there is no going back – it is in the blood. If you vape too much alcohol you can go blind or the liver can fail and cause death, so take care.

When you drink too much alcohol your body gets a chance to process the liquid, if poisoning occurs this way then we all know that it’s regurgitated. When vaped, alcohol will not be regurgitated as it does not pass directly through the stomach!

Any information given in this post is acted upon at your own discretion – takes no responsibility for the actions of others and highly recommends that you do not use an alcohol vaporizer in any way and realise beercan vaping is dangerous.

Just drink the ‘old fashioned’ way!

Vaping alcohol 5 reasons why it rocks!

vaping alcohol

Vaping alcohol is a fairly new way to consume alcohol. To vape alcohol you have to heat an alcoholic beverage until the alcohol vapour is released, 173 F or 78.5 c is when the alcohol evaporates. You then have to condense the vapour, like in the glass orb of the Vaportini.

There are dangers when vaping alcohol and a serious risk of an overdose. When you vape alcohol the alcohol bypasses you internal organs like stomach and liver. It enters you bloodstream without any filtration. It gets you drunk and if you inhale too much then you could die. Alcohol is a poison after all.

Below are a reason of why vaping alcohol rocks and why if used responsibly it can be great fun.

5. Different buzz when vaping alcohol

Most of us have been drunk at some point in our lives, some more than others. We know the effect alcohol has on us. Vaporizing alcohol somehow offers a different higher buzz compared to drinking. This is because of how it’s absorbed by the body differently? Or is just because it hits you quicker?

4. Vaping alcohol is unique

Everybody wants to be different and seen to be doing the latest, newest, unique thing – especially on the party scene. Vaping spirits covers all of these and more. New trends are hard to come by. Especially when they are attatched to old tradition like drinking alcohol. People are hard to change and get stuck in their ways, don’t be one of those people.

3. Vaping alcohol is fun!

Drinking alcohol can be boring and depressing with deep-rooted stigmas attached. Vaporizing alcohol offers a new fun revolutionary way of consuming your favorite liquor. Everyone always says it is good to try new things, so why not?

2. No impurities when vaping alcohol

With any alcohol production there is an element of impurity: by-products from the manufacturing process, insects and plant life. Vaporizing alcohol removes the impurities and provides a clean and crisp shot of alcohol mist. This offers a refreshing new way to experience and old buzz.

1. No calories when vaping alcohol

Alcohol is extremely calorific and is often attributed to weight gain, especially when a person exceeds their recommended daily allowance (RDA). When alcohol is vaped, next to no calories go into the body. This means that the vaped Martini at lunch will not have to be burnt off in the gym.

If you want to make a home made alcohol vaporizer or the quickest way is the beercan vaporizer.

Above are five reasons why I think vaping alcohol rocks. It is only my opinion and I like to vape alcohol mainly because I am worried about getting fat. Remember though there are dangers involved with vaping alcohol, it is quite easy to give yourself alcohol poisoning as the alcohol is not processed the same as when it is drunk. When vaping alcohol the alcohol is not process by the liver so it goes straight into your bloodstream, this method of delivery gives you no chance of puking up excess alcohol and can quite easily lead to poisoning. It is not advised when vaping alcohol to vape large quantities, a couple of shots is all you need.