V-meds is a newly coined phrase referring to vaporized medicine; a new development that moves beyond outdated medical solutions such as Vicks Vaporub, and progresses prescription medicine into the technologically advanced era we live in now. An electronically revolutionised era, where all manner of medicines can be vaporized and inhaled. An era where the hypodermic needle can retire, and painful jabs become a thing of the past.

In 2016 the regulators of the medical world will be taking control of and overseeing e-liquid, e-cigarettes and vaporizers, this making the path to market easier for devices with medical application.

V-meds could soon be sold over the counter in chemists and surgeries, with many brands offering a vaped alternative for treating ailments like influenza and cancer. Vaporizing technology is moving forward at a steady pace with developments in delivery systems making it possible to administer a controlled and measured dose of medicine with each vape.

V-meds: pain relief

Taking traditional tablets such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin for aches and pains can be a pain in itself; the pills are huge and hard to swallow, they taste fowl if they touch your tongue, and most annoyingly you have to wait up to half an hour to see any effect. The new method of vaporizing medicines, even commonplace painkillers, can eliminate all three of the hassles mentioned above.

A convenient use for the advancement of vaping medicine is the regular use of painkillers, that could now become instantly effective and simple to deliver a specific controlled dose.

V-meds: cannabis

With the emergence of vaporizing technology as an aid to quit smoking tobacco, there was a realization that other substances can be vaped as a healthier, less intrusive way of medicine administration. Take cannabis for example, in its many forms marijuana has been hailed as a natural cure for some diseases and as a natural form of pain relief. Before vaporizing, cannabis would have been taken orally or smoked; you can also eat cannabis, which is not known to harm the body but takes longer to take effect, as it has to be digested.

Most people know that smoking cannabis is harmful, particularly when rolled with tobacco, and that many gases contained in the smoke are harmful and over time can cause other illnesses. Vaping in the form of v-meds offers a healthier alternative to smoking; none of the harmful gases are released when cannabis is vaporized. When cannabis is vaporized it gets into the bloodstream much quicker compared to ingestion, offering a quicker and more targeted form of pain relief.

V-meds: cancer treatment

In the future, v-med applications could include headache and migraine relief, replacing traditional pills and powders. Heating the medicine before administration also creates a whole new avenue of research into flu and cold treatment, could it be that with v-medicine technology we finally find a cure for the common cold?

Cancer treatment is also another particularly important potential application for v-meds, and some of the many drugs taken to combat cancer could be vaped instead of ingested or injected. Anyone who has had cancer treatment or knows someone that has been through the ordeal, knows that swallowing 20+ pills per day can be tough in itself. Vaping some, if not all, of the medicine is a possibility that’s far less taxing for an extremely ill person.

Taking cannabis oils as a treatment for cancer is a method that some people swear by, vaping the cannabis oil makes this method much less harmful compared to burning and smoking the oils. More and more people are trying alternative treatments, and providing sufferers with a safer means of administering treatments is something pharmaceutical manufacturers should be making a priority.

5 reasons vaping cannabis rocks!

vaping cannabis

5. No rolling papers needed when vaping cannabis.

No need to carry rolling papers are needed when vaping cannabis. This means no drama when you’re outside and it’s raining with a packet of papers in your jeans pocket. Or trying to roll whilst your riding a bike just pull a vaporizer out of your pocket and vape!

4. No lighter when vaping cannabis.

No flame or matches are required when vaping cannabis, so you don’t have to worry about wind blowing out the flame or burning your fingers on matches. Nor do you have to try and make fire by rubbing sticks together or banging stones… Just push the vape button and boom! rip that bad boy!

3. No tar on your lips when vaping cannabis.

You know when you are sat in a circle passing a joint and blob of tar pops out of the filter into your mouth and onto your lips? Not when vaping! Or when the tobacco sucks through the filter and shoots down your throat? Not when vaping cannabis! An over all more pleasant way of smoking cannabis and one that maybe more socially accepted?

2. No soggy butts! when vaping cannabis

Smoking marijuana is a social habit, however when smoking a joint with an inexperienced smoker, sometimes they suck or even seem to French kiss the joint butt. So when it’s your turn to puff you get some soggy, cold joint butt to toke on. Not with vaping! If soggy suction occurs vaporizer tips are easy to wipe clean, this avoids eating other peoples spit.

1. No nasty combustion gases when vaping cannabis.

When you vaporize marijuana about 95% of the vapour produced is psychoactive cannabinoids, the stuff that gets you high. Compare this to a joint where around 20% of the smoke contains cannabinoids, leaving 80% of the smoke that you inhale from a joint, stuff you don’t need and is known to cause lung disease. Vaping erb offers a cleaner, crispier THC experience with next to none of the harmful gasses produced by combustion.