Vaporizer V’s cartomizers or cartridges


At present there are 2 main breeds of vaping devices: the e-cigs and vaporizer. Although both vaporize e-liquid, the e-cigs are smaller and designed to look like a classic cigarette. Some even have boxes that double as portable chargers, styled to look like a traditional packet of cigarettes. E-cigs have disposable tips or cartomizers filled with nicotine that you dispose of once the nicotine has been vaporized.

This option is the more expensive of the two. The average cost per month being more than double the price of a refillable vaporizer. However there are several videos available online showing that e-cig cartridges or cartomizers are easily refilled with e-liquid. Manufacturers warn users not to do this and any act of doing so breaks manufacturer safety guidelines. This means the e-cig manufacturers are held not accountable. This raises the question of should tamper proof products be the only products available?


The second device – the stand alone vaporizer. These have a much larger battery compared to the e-cig and comes in a number of forms. They generally have a detachable piece that allows the device to be refilled with e-liquid as and when required.

E-pipes, E-cigars and E-shishas

E-pipes, e-cigars and even e-shishas are available for this new form of nicotine consumption.  E-liquid comes in a wide range of flavors ranging from tiramisu to lychee. The battery life on these devices varies depending on usage and maker. The vaping device looks much less like a traditional cigarette and more like a small glowing penny whistle or pipe. Some even have LED displays that monitor your vaping.

Re-filling vaporizer

The refillable vaporizer are cheaper compared to e-cigs as a vaporizer does not require new cartridges. Both battery and in-haler have a limited life span. Planned obsolescence is rooted in this industry and its products. The products not made to last and poor manufacturing often leads to problems with the device. This results in un-vaporized e-liquid leaking from the vaporizers and coming into contact with skin. It can get on clothes and even into the mouth. This is extremely alarming and questions e-cigs safety.

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