Vaporizers: five reasons why they beat e-cigs

E-cigs better

Vaporizers are here and it looks like they are here to stay. We are entering a time that could see the old fashioned cigarette go extinct. Battery powered vaporizers in their place and less and less people are turning to tobacco. There are a lot of e-cig brands to choose from, Vype, V2, VIP and E-lites are all emerging e-cig brands. The new companies offer a lot of product choice. This gives you options of how you can vape. So what should you choose?

Here as a list of reasons why vaporizers are better than e-cigs. This should give some idea of what to chose when purchasing you first vaping device. It will give you an insight into vaping tools before you buy. You may like to not listen and find out on your own. But what ever.

5. Stealthy vaporizers

Vaporizers come in a range of forms, shaped to look like almost anything.

Vaporizers better

(stealthy vape)

This helps with discreet smoking. It means you sneak a quick vape in places you could not smoke tobacco. As long as there are no cameras to catch you! It will be fine and you won’t get caught. Well I hope you don’t get caught anyway.


4. Better and bigger batteries for vaporizers

Vaporizer batteries last a lot longer than standard e-cig batteries, in some cases up to 5x longer. Some of the bigger batteries can last for days. Bigger vaporizer batteries are not as discreet but they hold a lot of power.

vaporizers better

(Big vaping battery)

You also get a better hit from bigger vaporizer batteries. This gives you more nicotine per puff, so you wont have to smoke it constantly. Smoking an e-cig you have to puff all the time, then the battery over heats. So they are not as good. The batteries also have adjustable voltage, this allows you to play with the amount of smoke inhaled.


It Also means you burn more e-juice per puff but hey it is not expensive if you make your own e-liquid. With more smoke comes more nicotine, the strength of juice you smoke will also go down with a bigger more                                                                  powerful battery. If the juice is too strong you will cough                                                                                      your guts up! You have been warned.

3. More e-juice in vaporizer tanks

Vaporizers can hold much more e-juice than e-cigarettes, so less need to fill up or change the cartridge. Some vaping tanks hold loads of e-liquid up to 20 ml. This is enough to last you a good few days. Must standard vaping tanks hold around 2 ml.

vaporizers better

(Large vaping tank)

A big vaporizer battery can burn this amount in a few hours. The standard batteries make 2 ml last a good few hours and that is constantly puffing. E-cigarettes can last 300-400 puffs, depending on brand. They will only last an hour or to sometimes. This especially when you have just quit tobacco and can’t put your vape down.

2. L.E.D displays on vaping batteries

Some vaporizers come with a built in LED displays which analyses your puffing data and maximises your vaping experience. The tech going into vaporizers now is pretty cool. There are a lot of gadgets on batteries and tanks now that add to the vaping experience.

vaporizers better

(LED display for vaporizer)

Some batteries have temperature gauges and switches that allow you to adjust battery power. This can lengthen the battery life and regulate the amount of nicotine you vape.

1. £ Price £ of vaporizers

Vaporizing and refilling atomizers with e-liquid is cheaper than buying cartridges all the time. My monthly spend on e-juice is a third of what it was when smoking e-cigs. A bit of extra money in your pocket is always a bonus. People have saved up enough to buy a new car with the money thy have saved vaping.

Vaporizer compared to e-cigs are a lot cheaper. E-cigs have to buy expensive refill cartridges, these can cost up to 20.00 for a pack of 5. You can refill e-cig cartridges but that is not advised by the manufacturers, HA I wonder why.



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