VIP e-cigs and VIP vaporizers

VIP e-cigs

VIP e-cigs and vaporizers were one of the leading brands in the UK. VIP offered a wide range of products to suit the needs vapers. On VIP’s website they claimed to offer the highest standard of products. But is this true? And were they over priced? And was this part to play in their downfall as the the company went bust in 2016.

“VIP are committed to bringing you the finest electronic cigarettes, vaping devices and e-liquids. Our products are designed in the UK to the highest possible specifications and we believe they are pushing the boundaries of aesthetic and technical standards.”

This is a quote from the VIP e-cigs website. you can see that they claim VIP products are designed to the highest possible standards.

Hot VIP e-cigs and vaporizers

VIP claim to make all of their products to the highest standards. So why do they get hot? Both VIP’s e-cigs and vaporizers get hot and over heat when they are used too much. Over use occurs when the e-cig or vaporizers is puffed on for too long or too frequently. The battery should cut out if this occurs.

“The customer experience is all important to us and that is why all our products undergo a stringent testing procedure. Only when we are 100% happy with the quality and safety of our products will you find them on our website and in our retail outlets”.  (Source)

When the VIP products get hot a number of things can happen. They can burn your lips or mouth and cause minor injury. Or they can overheat and the battery will cut out and stop you from vaping. The excess heat can cause the e-liquid to bubble and squirt out of the end of the device. If hot liquid comes out of the device it can also cause injury.

VIP e-cigs

VIP e-cigs smoking

Taking a look at VIP e-cigs website I could not find any information stating why these problems happen. No information to say what you can do to stop them happening and very little safety information. It may be my navigation of their site but I typed “safety information” into search. The search brought nothing up. This really isn’t helpful VIP these problems need addressing.

VIP e-cigs re-fills and e-liquid

VIP e-cigs offer a wide range of re-fills and e-liquids. There is a lot of flavors to choose from and the standard variations in strength. Ranging from zero nicotine to 24mg. The prices vary but are still pretty expensive. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid is around 3.95. This is cheaper than other brands like V2 but still way more expensive than making your own juice. It is possible to make a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid for less than a few pence or cents.

VIP e-cigs refills

VIP refill cartridges

VIP e-cigs cartridge are expensive, a pack of 10 re-fills costs around 17 pounds or 20 dollars. If you keep on buying new cartridges than the cost will soon mount up. Especially if you use your e-cig a lot like me. Do not worry though you can refill the cartridges quite easily. Firstly buy a bottle of e-liquid, then dismantle the cartridge. Then drip a bit a bit of juice in and re-assemble the cartridge. They should be good for at least 100 more puffs.There is no need to keep buying new packs if you do this. You only need to buy new packs when the burner inside the cartridge packs up! The burners inside the VIP cartridge should be good for at least a few weeks.


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