Vype epen and estick safety concerns

Vype Esticks

Who owns Vype, vype e sticks and the brand?

Vype is manufactured by Nicoventures, a UK-based company that sits within the Nicoventures division of British American Tobacco. Vype cigs launched into the market backed by one of the biggest tobacco retailers in the world, a sign that slowly but surely people are moving away from solely acquiring nicotine from tobacco.

Vype esticks and other products

Vype vaping

Vype at present offer two main products: the vype e-pen and the vype e stick. Although they will be soon launching the vype e cig and vype vaporizer. Both products require disposable refills. This means that once you have vaped the contained e-liquid you throw away the empties. Although it may be possible to refill the empty cartridges with e-liquid but this is not recommended by Vype. Of course they want you to continue to buy the non-reusable cartridges. (At this point it is worth noting that you can make 30ml of homemade e-liquid for less than 50 cents). So the mark up on these products is huge with the average cost of 3 cartomisers being $5.99.

The Vype e pen comes with a standard USB charger and several e-pen caps. The pen has a variable vapor release system that lets you control the amount of vapor that is inhaled when vaping. The refill caps are disposable and you cant reuse them. This will inevitably lead to a huge amount of waste products that I can envisage rolling around the floors of night spots and sidewalks.

The Vype estick comes with an on-the-go pack charger, a micro USB charger, 3 eSticks and a rechargable battery. The portable charger is pretty handy and can last up to 5 days keeping your eStick fully charged and ready for vaping. The e stick cartridges last up to 600 puffs and then are disposed of. Although you can find out how to refill the cartridges here.

Vype estick and vype e cigarette advertising

Vype has recently been launched and is hitting the screens, billboards and paper media very hard. Regular T.V adverts seem to be trying to make this new for of nicotine addiction cool and are offering it as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Although vaping is a healthier option to smoking tobacco should there be any mainstream advertising allowed? Surely children will see the adverts and this will lead to a higher rate of underage smokers taking up the habit. Especially with the hundreds of sweet fruity flavors and inappropriately named products like “Berry Blast” and “Tutti Fruity” which surely appeal to a younger demographic.

With the spending power of British American tobacco behind this brand it is sure to become one of the leading vaping brands and a household name for sure. It is imperative that people are aware of the profit that this industry is making and realize that you can make your own e-juice or e-liquid for a fraction of the cost. You can buy all the ingredients and equipment required to make e-liquid online and make it for less than 5% of some retail prices.

Vype e cigarette safety and dangers

danger of e-liquid in mouth

warning e-liquid in the mouth

Like any vaping product there dangers and side effects from vaping too frequently. There are dangers if vype smoking liquid gets in your mouth or into your eyes. If you swallow too much of the liquid you die. Although you would have to drink a lot! getting a little liquid in your mouth is pretty harmless.Nicotine is highly toxic and a very small amount can kill though!

Vype headaches

When using Vype products I noticed that time to time I would get quite a severe headache. At times it put me off using the device, then I changed a few things in the way I vaped, I puffed less frequently and changed the strength of liquid I was using to a lower strength. These changes had an impact and the headaches went, so if you are experiencing similar headaches then I advise you to follow the changes that I made.

Vype e sticks and burns to the lips lips

Problems that I have noticed when using Vype products including both the vype estick and epen are similar to other products that I have used. They include blistering of the lips, head aches, nausea and very bad breath. Often smelling like chemical nicotine, friends and colleges find this repulsive. Often over use of vaping can lead to heart palpitations.

Vype e cig cartridge blocked

When using the Vype estick sometimes the cartridge would become blocked and after sucking hard on the device trying to get the nicotine that I was so badly craving, a spurt of vype e juice shot through the cartridge and into my mouth which was disgusting! I was concerned for my health and washed my mouth out with lots of water. Luckily I was OK but it was a very bad experience.

Vype e stick battery cold

Another concern about the quality of esticks and e-pens are they are rubbish when it is very cold! The lithium batteries only last for a few minutes in temperatures close to freezing. This is highly inconvenient if you are on your way to work in the morning. (generally when your cravings are at their peek). If it’s freezing and the battery keeps dying on you after every few puffs. We want something that works in all weather! A device that works when it is cold and does not explode if it gets too hot! More safety advice keep your battery below 40 celcius if it gets hotter than this then it could explode! Do not put the Vype eStick or ePen on a radiotor if it gets wet! It will explode and could cause injury or a fire.

Vype eticks side effects

Blistering on the lips that was caused when over using the Vype estick. Or maybe it was when some of the liquid shot through the cartridge and went into my mouth. The blistering lasted a week or so. It was quite painful and now after cutting down on my usage it has healed. I just hope there are no long term after effects and hope it doesn’t lead to anything like cancer. No long term research has been carried out into the effects of Propylene Glycol or Nicotine on the skin. It could be some years down the line we find out that vaping does have some health impact. Only time will tell!



  • valerie greenwood

    Just been reading this review. Know i am worried i have just started using the e pen and like it. Was going to buy another but don,t know if i should. I am desperate to stop smoking. So what safe and whats not.

  • why do I cough so bad when using the vype stick, I’ve had it on low and high setting but every time I take a puff I cough really bad.

  • hi I got a vype e-pen I have charged it the first time & things were fine I am trying to charge it for 2nd time & the red light on charger is not illuminated what is the problem

    • I have exactly the same problem. All the lights are working but my pen won’t charge and won’t produce any vapour. Have you managed to find a solution?

      • I found the charger to be super sensitive and had to be plugged in carefully and when the light is on dont move it…its a weak fit between the device and plug in end.
        Also be mindful if your using you fast charging from your cell phone block it charges fast and the device gets really warm so I charge it in 20 minute intervals

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  • Mr Richard E Snee

    I am a current user of The Vype ” E Pen ” and have been for a while now . I understand that Vype have now introduced a New Type . What is the name of your new product and is it an inprovement on the ” Pen “

    • The leaflet says the Vype Epen shouldn’t be used by diabetics, but doesn’t say why . What is the concern ?

  • They’re OK and better when you refill them yourself but the battery will die eventually and you can’t buy a replacement one.

  • The article ends, “It could be some years down the line we find out that vaping does have some health impact. Only time will tell!” That’s what happened with tobacco, which kills half a million Americans every year. We’re starting to see hospitalized vape cases now.

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