When can I buy E-medicine or V-meds ?

When can I buy E-medicine

E-medicines will be available to buy following regulations in 2016 – exactly when depends on clinical trials and research findings. However, some unregulated products may be available for sale sooner than that over the internet. Though no announcements have been made, and there are few companies advertising e-medicine as an alternative treatment for flu or headaches, it is sure to be available as an alternative treatment at some time in the future. You will be able to vape e-meds at some point within the decade.

Where can I buy E-medicine?

E-medicine post-regulation in 2016 could be available to buy anywhere over the counter from chemists to newsagents. It could and most likely will be available on the NHS via prescription, not only as an aid to quit smoking but also as a treatment for a number of ailments including lung disease and migraines.

Although advertising and sponsorship could be halted, internet sales should remain available and functioning under a medicinal licence. In some cases, buying e-meds will be free if prescribed, if you have no prescription you will be able to buy e-medicines from pharmacies or online retailers. E-meds could and probably will be offered as part of health insurance schemes, part of a healthier lifestyle plan. Most people see vaping as a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Although insurers are treating people that vape e-liquid the same as they do tobacco smokers, which is causing debate as to the safety of e-cigs and other vaping products.

If insurers refuse to see the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking tobacco (if any), then there will be no reduction in the cost of a vapers monthly health care bill. It is causing quite a quandry to both insurers and vapers.

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